Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just a plain old blur.

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A blur. That's how I would describe these last few weeks and months. The days do blend into another that at times I forget days and weeks and mix up things...or perhaps its my memory acting up on me! Regardless if it is my poor memory or time just moving unnaturally fast for my liking, I am just trying to be on top of things at work, for Hearts & Crafts and watching my TV series and reading my books {I know, I know, that shouldn't be on the list but it is!}. I find myself giving attention to work and then I neglect either my hobbies or Hearts & Crafts *sniff sniff* I do pray that I had more time a day or more like I have the will to follow through whatever plans I have made for the day - 'cos sometimes I get distracted with things.

Anyways, so many plans are being made, so many new activities at the office all of a sudden, and there also some changes in my life. So many things I would like to write down, so many things I would like to share... but time, oh time and procrastination and unfriendly blogger - all working against me and yes, I do also work against myself sometimes *snickers* Well just wanted to write a quick post to let whoever still reads this blog know that everything is okay and that I am alive and kicking {or zumba-ing! - am trying this}.

Till the next time I write. Oh how I miss you my 
Little Piece of Heaven ~ my place of interweb comfort.

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