Tuesday, January 01, 2013

~* Hello 2013 *~

Hello 2013 and goodbye 2012!
*happy happy joy joy*

"Despite the disappointments, the heartaches 
and the lost of loved ones... 
2012 was filled with adventure, exploring galore, 
happiness, many blessings and 
lots of wonderfully epically awesome moments. 
Thank you God for everything."

My Facebook status update above pretty much sums 
up what I want to say and how I feel about the close of 2012.

I love the 1st of January every year. Everything feels new and fresh.
Like life has given you one more chance to mend your ways.
You get to turn over a new leaf. 
The old year with its unpleasantness is gone...
but yet, although I enjoy opening up a new diary, penning things
down on a new calendar and buying new stationery, 
I realise that every day, every hour, minute and second is new.
So really, we don't quite need a new year to start afresh. 
We can begin anytime we want... all you need is a willing heart.

Having said that however, I will still be churning out a new
'list' of things I hope to do in 2013 along with my selected 
'One Little Word' for 2013. There are also several posts
that I will be developing which just recaps 2012.

Till then though, I wish all of you a very 
Blessed and Happy New Year. 
I hope and pray that God will grant us
a wonderfully, epically awesome 2013!

I love new beginnings.
It's awesome to be able to start all over again. 
The past erased and put away... 
the future out there, waiting to be explored.
It fills me with such hope, excitement and joy.
I ljust love new beginnings.

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Bella Cirovic said...

What a lovely photo and words to match! Thank you for sharing.

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