Saturday, May 05, 2012

The List ~ Update 1

      Dear Blog Readers,
On 16 January, I wrote a post titled "The List" which comprised of 52 things to do and since time has passed us by so very quickly and we are more than a quarter way through 2012, thought I would just take stock of where I currently am and update the rest of your readers out there of what has been going on in my life.

So enjoy this rather long list and feel free to drop me any questions about "The List".

1.   Make time to be with God. To pray. To listen to His promptings and to just be with Him.
Update: I have tried my best to pray more regularly. It’s not to be honest such a dramatic change to my prayer life, but I find myself speaking more to God and am disciplining myself to read the Bible more. A pastor told us during a Christian Fellowship gathering at work that we do not have to say prayers that are long and lengthy but short, sweet, simple and frequent prayers from the heart is what is needed and I think that he is right. Hence I am giving that a try… short, sincere and frequent prayers.

2.   To live in the moment.
Update: I have been trying to soak up new experiences. To enjoy the atmosphere, the smells, the sounds, the tastes, the feelings … and it works. I find that I enjoy things more now. I need to just learn to relax and not over think things but to just stay in the moment and live it instead of thinking about the ever growing “to-do” list in my head. 

3.   Enjoy and savour my Wedding even if there are so many things that are not in our control.
Update: The wedding was epic!!! It deserves a post of its own and I will be developing one. {I know I promised a post ages ago but things have been picking up on my end, so please bear with me with me.}

4.   Learn how to sew something {ornaments, pouches, pillow cases… whatever. Just sew!} 
Update: Dear readers, you will be glad to know that I have tried my hand at sewing. I started with a heart shaped ornament and I would love to take photos of it but it looks so out of shape that I shudder to photograph it. I obviously have to work on the sewing but I shall not give up. I have also re-opened my cross-stitch box and picked up an old pattern that I started several years ago. It’s getting there and will definitely post up photos of it once I am done. I forgot how therapeutic cross stitching can be.

5.   Launch "The Knick Knack Box" proper
6.   Plan, prepare and photograph items for The Knick Knack Box
Update: I have sadly not taken the time to photograph nor meddle around with The Knick Knack Box. I plan to start working on it on the first week of May.

7.   Start working on my play lists for Lexy {Lexy is my new Samsung Galaxy II phone}
Update: Ok. I have not done this either. I have also not read the manual for the phone and thus have not maximised its usage just yet. Btw, it sucks to surf the interweb on my phone as my service provided Digi, sucks big time! I can’t cancel the subscription as I am with a two year contract with them *grumbles mumbles*

8.   Think about different kinds of posts for My Little Piece of Heaven
Update: I have already thought about the different kinds of posts for this little blog of mine and am fine tuning it. Will definitely post about the new changes when they take place.

9.   Pack, pack and pack to move into the Love Nest
Update: I have packed several boxes to the Love Nest however a huge amount of stuff is still at my parents place reason being is that my husband has yet to clean up the closet and make room for me. I plan to do quite a bit of shifting in May.
10. Get down to a 'friendlier' weight
Update: Am eating lesser rice and lesser snacks. The next step is to cut down on desserts, sugary drinks and soda. Of course there are plans to also exercise as often as possible {wish me luck… I am quite sloth-ish}.

11. Get highlights
Update: Need to save for highlights so this will be something that is for later on in the year.

12. Perm my hair
Update: The freaking perm failed and spoiled my hair at the same time. The miserable curls lasted for a day and then prompty lost itself in the days after that leaving my hair in a dry mess. So instead of perming my hair again at a more expensive hairdresser {I bought a Groupon from my perm and the hairdresser was kind of sucky}, I decided to go to my old hair dresser and chop it all off. So, goodbye long long long hair which I have kept for my wedding. Hello short-ish hair ~ slightly above the shoulder.

13. Remember to be more grateful for the things in my life – try writing one grateful thing a day
Update: I have not been able to remember to write one grateful thing a day however, I am more aware of the many blessings I have and am continued to be reminded about it. Thank you God for everything.

14. Go to Europe and ROCK it {slight snag encountered but am positive it will be okay}.
Update: The snag that we hit was that the airlines that we had originally bought tickets from {Air-freaking-Asia} cancelled their route to Paris and London. We were given several options {read here for the full story} and we decided at the end of the day to just purchase new tickets. It was sad that we had to pay quite a bit more for new tickets with another airline but this is a once in a lifetime trip for both B and I and we both decided that the price was okay. So as of today, the flights to Paris and the internal flights around Europe have been booked. More on this on another post ~ it is definitely going to be an interesting post for us *smiles smiles grins grins*

15. Remember to document the Europe trip well
Update: Note to self to remember!

16. Go for at least two local holidays {Cameron Highlands? Langkawi? Malacca? Thistle PD?}
Update: Can you believe it? I have already gone on two local holidays *Yay! Yay!* I went to Cameron Highlands a week before my wedding and stayed at a lovely bungalow and had such a quiet relaxing time with B and my close friends. And the second trip was in Malacca with my host family and B after my wedding. Both B and I played tour guide to my host family the Eaton’s as they came down from Australia to celebrate with our families and B and I at our wedding. This warrants at least two posts and I have heaps of photos from both trips mostly unedited yet.

17. Brush up on my photography skills (see herehere, and here}
Update: I have not brushed up on photography skills as of yet but I did however get an awesome new camera. Yet another post to come about this gorgeous new toy of mine! *woot woot*

18. Try my best to get rid of the procrastination problem
Update: Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am still struggling with this. Some days are good and some days I slide back to where I first started which is procrastination central! *huhuhu*

19. Get into the habit of handwriting letters / post cards to friends overseas
Update: Have yet to start doing this however, the materials are all ready!

20. Organise my photos {soft & hard copies}
Update: Organised my photos on my hard disk. So now, I would need to tackle the hard copies instead ~ the more difficult task to be honest! *gulp*

Update: Am in the midst of doing this. Got two new book shelves into the room {thanks to my handy man husband!} and am bringing in more of my things in May.

22. Endeavour to cook at least once a month 
Update: I made pasta in January and subsequently did not make anything in February, March and April. I did however make awesome instant curry noodles and meatballs and sausages. Am thinking that May may be the month to cook more dishes.

23. Try making 12 cakes / cookies this year
Update: I went for a macaron baking class last month with a good friend of mine Yin Yin. This class warrants a post on its own so I will share this some other time but as for making any other baked goodies, nothing yet. Perhaps in May… *snickers*

24. Start creating art {mini albums included ~ hehehe} Inspiration: herehere, and here.
Update: Nothing yet for this as well though I have jotted down quite a few ideas. Small steps! Small steps!

25. Start creating mini albums for: the Trip to Philippines and Vietnam, Project Love Nest, Project Happily Ever After
Update: Nothing yet as well.

26. Look for more fulfilling careers
Update: Have update my resume and have been applying for various jobs the past month. Nothing awesome has turned up yet, but I am ever hopeful that something great is going to come my way. If you know of any good jobs in corporate communications or public relations, drop me an email, k?

27. Backup all my files on the external hard drive
Update: I did the best that I could however my hard drive is full. Will be buying a new 2 terrabyte hard drive soon.

28. Try a 30/31 day photo challenge {see herehereherehereherehere, and here}
29. Try snapping a photo a day {this is one awesome project}
Update: Nope. Have not done both of this yet!

30. Sell all the things I don't quite need
Update: Am still in the midst of going through my old things. Who knew I had so much stuff… okay I suspected it but to actually go through all the stuff takes time. Lots and lots of time.

31. Organise my craft items
Update: Can’t wait to do this as half of my supplies are at the Love Nest and the other half is at my parent home.

32. Delete toxic people from my life
Update: Am still quite a softie {more like an idiot at times} so have not really gotten rid of them toxic people in my life.

33. Bring Belle the beagle out for more walks
Update: Have managed to bring Belle the beagle out for more walks and luckily my mum has been so kind as to bring her for works almost daily since I don’t live at home anymore. Thanks ma!

34. Learn more about marketing online, social media and branding
Update: I am learning new things each day through the interweb and through talking to friends from other departments. There are always new things to learn however and sometimes I get overwhelmed. One step at a time I tell myself ~ it works most of the time!

35. Stop comparing myself to others
Update: Easier said than done but am trying to be grateful for everything that I have been blessed with.

36. Read at least 20 books this year
Update: Managed to read a few books already. More on this soon. Am in the midst of reading “Clash of Kings” from George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame and Cecelia Ahern’s book “The Book of Tomorrow”. So far am on track and will begin 'The Hunger Games Trilogy" soonest *woot woot* 

37. Catalogue all my books
Update: Not started on this at all though it would be quite a project indeed!

38. Stop buying new books {unless I really really need it!} *snickers*
Update: I really needed wanted those new books… I about maybe 7 new books?? Some of them include “The Hunger Games” trilogy, George R.R. Martin’s new book

39. Try my hardest to fit some form of exercising into my week {walking in shopping centres count}
Update: I have been walking more than usual… does that count? I think it does *hehehe* Will definitely need to do a little bit more each day so that I can loose some extra unneeded weight.

40. Put at least 15% of my salary into the FD account
Update: Hmmm… I wonder what possessed me to write this down. Am trying my best to start saving but its really not easy at all. Baby steps really do apply here.

41. Start creating my photobooks
Update: Have done three photobooks already. One for my Bali trip which turned out really really nicely {photos up soon}, one that I gifted to Brian for our one month anniversary {one page was torn and another two pages were crinkly} and one more for Belle the beagle {yet to deliver the mini album}. Will be buying a few more photobooks for our wedding photos.

42. Try to do a facial monthly
43. Buff my nails at least once in three weeks
Update: Both these things have NOT happened. I plan to go in May and start buffing soonest!

44. Limit my ice blended coffees
Update: Have successfully managed to cut down my ice blended or iced coffees *yay yay* I just need to keep it up.

45. Drink more water and tea
Update: Am trying my best to do this. Have also added milk to the list.

46. Eat more fish, fruit and vegetables
Update: Definitely have eaten more fish however fruit and vegetable intake remain low at the moment. Maybe I should try more juices.

47. Downsize my wardrobe
48. Go through my shoe collection and discard old shoes
Update: Will be doing this when I move the things over from my new house to the old house.

49. Catalogue my Eeyore collection
Update: Not the most important thing to do at the moment but would love to do the catalogue this year! *smiles*

50. Do at least two MAD (Making A Difference) projects {visiting an orphanage, volunteering at a soup kitchen and etc.}
Update: Have not done anything yet either *tsk tsk tsk*.

51. Search and try new restaurants and cafes.
Update: Have tried a few new places. Nothing stands out though. Am making a list with B on places to try. Shall write about that I when I have a good nice list.

52. Just be me!
Update: *smiles* I think I have done this quite well. I have smiled more, laughed more, sung out loud more, told more stories and jokes and just enjoyed being clumsy, slightly geeky me.

All photos from DW's pinterest collection

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