Tuesday, November 20, 2012

amidst the chaos

Seen here

This morning I woke up hopeful that the day would be a carefree,
stress free day for me. A day to take it all in and sort out the clutter.
A day to just enjoy and breathe. I suppose when I wake up with
grand notions such as these, I tend to self sabotage myself, or
perhaps I am mentally preparing myself for a day that is less of a 
carefree day, but more of a 'normal' day, the ones with its fair
share of ups and downs because realistically speaking there
aren't any perfect days now is there? And true, the day started
out a little crappy {due to my carelessness and oversight} but 
who's to say that the rest of the 9 hours or so wouldn't turn
around and be just that, perfect, or close to perfect anyways.

I think the challenge for me today is to firstly stop making silly
and careless mistakes. I am not making excuses, for myself
and yes, its not a very big mistake but it still reflects poorly on
my work {and I am after all my own harshest critic - true story!}
and my ability to perform at work. Sometimes, I think my head
is in the clouds more often then it should be *snickers*

The next challenge for me not only for today but for the rest of 
my life would be how to experience peace and calm in the midst
of all the chaos around me. How to sit still in the eye of the 
storm and know full well that although everything around me is
literally going insane, I am going to be okay and that when
the storm passes, everything will be okay as well.
I honestly look forward to that day. 

I think it will be a mighty fine day when I realise that the days
events, that the people around me and the things that 
happen to me will not effect the peace I feel within me.
There are times I catch a glimpse of this fleeting peace, but 
its fleeting. I have not anchored myself well in peace, in God,
in His Divine peace, promises and blessings.

Well, here's to wishing I will grow in peace and serenity
through time {hopefully sooner rather than later} *smiles* 
 Anyways, as always I am every hopeful about things to
change and be better. I sincerely do believe it will.
Really. True Story.

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