Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I should have done heaps of things this past long weekend {we had the weekend + two extra days for Hari Raya celebrations here in Malaysia}. I had made big plans to do the following:
  • Clean the house {thankfully B helped to tidy up a little and I helped a little too}
  • Plan my honeymoon with B which is btw, just around the corner {am happy and yet worried at the same time because I am not fully prepared - no full itineraries yet - and because B's mum isn't well. I am worried about the what-ifs and I worry about not planning the trip well and a whole lot of other things... you know me... think think thinker, worry worry warts!}
  • Arrange my arts and crafts supplies into a more orderly manner - I didn't do anything at all but instead used the supplies and messed up the mess even further if it is possible 
  • Beautify myself by getting a manicure and pedicure and cutting my hair - I did neither
  • Start packing for the trip - obviously not done yet
  • Blog more - now this is super obviously not done 
  • Watch more TV and read more books - Done the TV bit {we finished the third season of Modern Family which has got to be one of the funniest TV series ever} and even managed to squeeze in 'The Hunger Games' and went to the movies for 'The Expendables 2' which I found to be entertaining albeit  a bit spoofy. Read a couple of pages which is seriously embarrassing!
  • Be more diligent in my Instagramming process. 

All is not lost I guess. I did spend time with my family and B's family as well. I did managed to get my custom order for Hearts & Crafts completed. I did clean up the fridge a little. I did manage to sort out some of the itinerary. I did manage to catch up with friends {which btw, was fun}. I did manage to spend quality time with B. We did manage to ride our bikes for brunch with the family today and drive our new Prius all over. I also managed to do some handmade stuff for a bride-to-be {photos when I get the chance!}.

So I guess although I kinda didn't accomplish very much on my to-do list, I did get a few things done and created new memories in the process. Will update more when I get the chance... hopefully before I leave for the honeymoon. Was kinda hoping to already prepare some posts but so far I haven't had the time and have been super sidetracked when I did get the time ~ story of a procrastinators life *snickers* 

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