Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Chocolat is something that I love immensely. 
It is one of my favourite breakfast pastries especially 
if it is right out of the oven and is piping hot... 
the chocolate just oozzeeesss out of the crisp buttery croissant!

I had a pain au chocolat recently for breakfast...
{ok, it was a chocolate and almond croissant but its close *smiles*}
and by golly was it yummy. I had it with a box of milk {was a tad
to lazy to pour it in a glas, so I slurped it from a bendy blue straw}.

The one thing that makes me smile merrily to myself on days at the
office that drag on by mercilessly is the thought of one day soon, 
having a pain au chocolat with B in Paris with an awesome
view of the Eiffel Tower *smiles smiles grin grin*

Although there are some kinks in the trip, I am still
hopeful that we will make it to Europe this year.
In the summer or early Autumn.

Anyways, to all your bakers and baking adventurers,
here are some recipes for the delicious pain au chocolat
for you to try {here, here and here}. And if you would like to 
know more about the different types of bread available that
starts with the letter "P"{panettone, panforte, pita, paratha and 
the likes}, read this article which will surely help.

It's a start of another long-ish week, let's hope it's a productive,
fun, unstressful and blessed week ahead ~ 
happy baking, munching and daydreaming.

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