Monday, December 07, 2009

Walking Back

I walked back in time again today.
I strolled through friendster and hotmail
and browsed through old memories.

And it made me cringe. It made me wonder...
Evaluate... Tear up a little...
Hurt some... And of course remember.

I remember the girl I was.
I remember the friend I was.
The one who smiled more and worried less.
The one that had so many friends.
The carefree adventurer.

So just for that few moments,
I walked back and tried to remember...
and later once I was done, I tried my best to leave the past where it belonged.

But sometimes against my will, the past comes back to haunt me and yet there are other times when these memories come flooding back to me to act as a soothing balm over old wounds that never healed right.

I think these walks to the past are needed every now and then to remind me of a great many things; the fragility of life, the intricacies of relationships, the hopefulness of youth, the joys in the simple things, the small victories and joys overlooked and forgotten and the happiness and blessings one has recieved over the years.

I am thankful for these occasional walks back that I take every now and then... and its great to know and realise that I am looking ahead and walking forwards towards the hopeful unknown, with a select few happy memories as my companion on this journey.

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