Monday, October 19, 2009

Just a "Click" away

Each time I click on to a page, I find something more alluring more amazing. It makes my head spin, my eyes dance at the feast of colours and inspiration before me. My lips hunger to taste the delicious treats, my hands to feel the embellishments and the paper, my nose to sniff at the different smells and my ears to hear the different sounds. The images intrigue me. Invoke a dormant piece of me.

I long to shut down my office laptop, delete pathetic condescending emails, slam down the office phone and pull out the plug on annoying people offering and goading me to sponsor their one million and one exhibitions, conferences, funds, causes and etc. and go home to the comfort of my own laptop at home that itches to be set alive to run free with ideas kept on pieces of paper and in books long forgotten. To switch on and fire up my iPod that lies dormant in my bag locked in my side drawer only to be taken out and admired when I leave the hovel.

However, as there is this strange streak in me today, I find my mischievous hands curl up against the mouse and once more click onto the browser that takes me to wondrous places and I take several peeks delightedly like a naughty child at the world of inspiration that is just a "Click" away.

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