Wednesday, July 08, 2009


For the lonely
For the beggarman on the street.
For the lost.
For the confused.
For the ones at the crossroads.
For the dreamers who are grasping on to their dreams for dear life.
For the unemployed.
For the retrenched.
For the wrongly accused.
For the grieving.
For the sick.
For the ones we miss.
For the ones that have departed.
For the handicapped unable to get down on all the steps at the monorail.
For the old lady that has to go through the trash each day searching for trash,which to her are treasures.
For the grasscutter on the highway looking at the long expense of grass he has yet to cut under the hot blazing sun.
For the orphaned and the widowed.
For those unloved.
For those unwanted.
For those who are barren.
For those who make their home where ever they lay their head.
For the oppressed.
For the war victims.
For the lost flora and fauna.
For the women who have no equality.
For those with the world on their shoulders.
For those that cry alone at night.
For the victims.
For the heartbroken.
For the cleaners who clean up our messes.
For those whose voices are not heard.
For those who search but never find.
For those that look but do not see.
For those whose hearts are made of stone.
For the ones whose magic is lost.
For the ones who have struggled for everything in their lives.
For those who never had a break in their lives.
For the homeless.
For the forgotten.
For the torn.
For the nurses that look after the sick.
For the sacrifices unnoticed.
My tears falleth for you.
My hopes and prayers are with you.

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