Thursday, February 19, 2009

News C&K heels

DW to B, JT and Shells on her new C&K Heels:

“Yes I damn hearts my new C&K Heels.
When I saws it in Charles and Keith it was like love at first sight.
And when I put it on, I didn’t want to take them off.
If I gots no money to buy the heels also nevermind ‘cos I would steal, beg or borrow the money.
I loves them that much. Sure it hurts my feet a little and sure I have to be extra careful when I walk ‘cos I am so clumsy and the heels are so high and thin…But neverminds all that.
They are so worths it.
I recently began my love/obsession/passion for footwear.
Previously I lived in aunty shoes from Bata-Comfit, my beach thongs and my Crocs…
But now, I is loves my footwears.
I keep on sneaking glances at my heels and my heart like goes… awww…
I so want to do me in these heels!
Loves loves thems.”

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