Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Little Things

Life is a great bundle of little things." -Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

The past couple of days have been normal. Nothing much has happened…
I thought that I would be wreck after the ‘emotional drama’ that occurred previously but the tears are few if any. At times it seems as the incident happened so very long ago and not just in a span of a few days/weeks. I tried calling the Possum to just talk but he refuses to pick up the call. I don’t blame him for that yet in many small ways as I have already expressed, I miss him.

Work has been alright. Have been assigned to do some copywriting on top of my PR stuff which is fine by me though a pay raise, job appreciation and more interesting topics could be a much needed bonus ~ alas, its just wishful thinking once more! I do notice though that I am getting more ac-freaking-ne, my hair is falling and am putting on weight at an alarming rate though I eat less, have cut down so much on alco, chocs and all things nice. I wake up early every morning (ok ok… I sleep in sometimes during the weekend), have 3 main meals a day, cut away supper, snack less (these days its just raisins and nuts – I sound like a squirrel) and still I AM LIKE THIS!!! *tsk tsk*

Previously before working, I was a total bum who slept at 6am and woke up at 2pm. Snacked every other hour on really yummy indulging foods, did not eat breakfast and watched TV and sat on my bum like almost the whole entire day and I was thinner and had so much better skin and had relatively healthy glossy hair. *sigh sigh sigh* I am trying to go on a diet and have taken to walking up instead of taking a lift to the office. 3-4 times a week I will be going to the park/Kiara Hill for a spot of outdoor cum sporty activities. If that still does not work I will be going to the doctors because it is unnatural for me to be in this predicament. I am worried about this and my mum is starting to freak out as well. *fingers crossed that I will lose some weight and that my face will return to its former loveliness-acne less*

Other than that, I might be starting some small business. Doing what you ask… well I can’t tell you yet… perhaps soon when I get things finalized properly and some steps are taken to unsure that there the plan is underway. Have also thought about going back to studying part time via distance learning for my Masters in Public Relations but after looking around I realize that its super expensive (RM45-52,000.00) and would be too taxing for me. So I guess I will be investing instead in reading materials and wade through the net for information.

Before I forget, I would like to thank once again all those people who have been there for me during the confusing and sometimes heart wrenching moments when I had to make “the decision to leave”, for the kinds words left on the tag board, the comments, the SMS’s and the calls. For the other close friends I had who never knew of this stage in my life and who just let me go through it alone, on one hand I hurt knowing that you did nothing to console me but on the other hand I guess you all had your own things in life to deal with… I just wanted to say that if you should ever need me I will always be here still and the hurts are forgiven and the slate wiped cleaned again.

(On with my train of thoughts…) Suddenly these days I am filled with all kinds of ideas and all kinds of dreams that I want fulfilled. Suddenly there is a reason to go to work and to do the best that I can. Suddenly I look forward to sleeping at night and waking up in the mornings. Suddenly I love the weekends and every spare moment I can find. I feel like there is just not enough time these days and though I am tired I find myself staying up to read more and more of the books I love or doing the things that I enjoy.

Why this sudden change? Well for one I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Sunshine who has helped me try and live life and for the excessive inspiration which he is only too willing to share with me and for the ways in which he has honestly, brightened up my days. Every day seems more fulfilling, life seems more alive and dreams more attainable. I am not a completely “new” person since I met him, but I can say that I am a much happier person. I still have my insecurities and negatives lurking around in me somewhere but at the moment, they hardly dare to surface.

There are so many things I want to write about… thoughts that happen to flit through my mind, things that are bothering me, my passions, my observations and the like. But such is the life that I lead now that I don’t have the time to sit in one place for too long to write and when I do have the time. The words don’t really come out the way I want them too. Perhaps in time, you will all get to read the things I really want to write about. I guess I need much better time management to facilitate this (am working on it).

Anyways I should be off now… lunches is almost over. Missing so many of you and wishing that we could meet up soon, but in the mean time *hugs hugs* Have a wonderful remaining week ahead.

P.S: Yes, Life is a great bundle of little things and I can’t wait to unwrap each of these little things *smiles smiles*

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