Monday, June 06, 2005

Everything Will Be Alright

Reading: JOHN 15:1-11

"Every branch that bears fruit, He prunes, that it may bear more fruit."
JOHN 15:2
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In every vinetard, a vine dresser prunces the branches so that they will produce more fruit. in a spritual sense, our Heavenly Father must deal with us in a similliar ways at times- by pruning our lives. It isn't only the dead branches that go, but sometimnes even the living and vital ones must be cut back so that better and more bountiful fruit may grow.

Many different circumstances may serve as a prunig knife in the hands of the Master Vinedresser. It may be the rejecting gesture, the unkind word, or no word as all. It could be the frustration of living in a constant state of noice and ocnfusion, with daily duties and no chance to find a quiet place to call our own. Or it might be waiting for God to intervene when everything seems hopeless and we have no friends to help us.

But the pruning knife is guided by a loving set of hands. The Master Vinedresser knows what we can take, and He knows what we can become - more loving, joyful, tranquil, tolerant, kind, dependable, gentle, poised - stronger and better than we are today. We must not shrink from the knife but trust the hand that holds it. Our Father in Heaven has a purpose - to produce good fruit in us. - David Roper

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This is my first time I think posting up scripture. I guess I haven't exactly been a model Christian/Catholic. I am not sure why that is. I guess I went through some rough patches and decided that there were no more solid smooth ground. But I know better now. Like any relationship, after some times apart, it is hard to get back on to where you once were. Thats how I feel now. It is hard to be a good Christian/Catholic in this world. So many things that have been instilled within me are contradictory. Somethings I have learnt are contradcitory as well and that left me unsure of where to turn. Then again, things have happened to test this faith of mine which I guess was not much of a faith really.
I am trying hard though... to be a better person. As they say, everything starts with yourself. I can't help save the world, if I can't help myself and before I can do anything I have to love myself. I don't know if I do sometimes. The "pruning knife" mentioned above has really cut me, so to say. Parts of my life and as each day goes by I am healing. But the part that is missing leaves and emptiness (hence the void - read the pass blogs).
Yet whatever life has in store for me, today, tomorrow and in the months and years to come, I trust that the Master Vinedresser knows what I can take and what I can't. If I look back over my life, where I was and where I have come from and where I am now, I will see a slow progression from an Idealist to a Realist, from a Princess to a common citizen, and from a happy-go-lucky person to a slightly bitter cynical person. In some ways it seems sad, but I think that at this moment, it is a good balance for me. To know my self worth, to know when to say "NO", to know when to take out the fairy tales and the time to take out the textbooks, facts and figures, to know when to give in, to know how to stand up and speak up about what I feel and believe in... I think I know a little bit more about "me" now.
Yes, HE knows what we can become - more loving, joyful, tranquil, tolerant, kind, dependable, gentle, poised - stronger and better than we are today. I have a friends who can verify this. We are all stand here, my girlfriends and some boyfriends, showing our scars; some still healing, some still bleeding, some fading... but we are stronger because we share a common bond of friendship and we made it and we are much better now that the storm has passed and though there will be more storms and adversities in our life and though we may fall and hurt and be back to square one again, we know that in the end, HE is there for us and in the end, everything will be alright.
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Just For You
"I pray all day, I pray all night,
I hope you hear what I say,
But millions of prayers wouldn't bring you back,
Because Heaven keeps you far away."

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