Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bali Adventure #1 - Ibu Oka, Ubud

I you have been following my blog (which I hope you have - hehehe), you would have known that I went to a trip to Bali (read here for my post about planning my trip to Bali). I had always wanted to go Bali and the preparation, packing and getting myself on the plane was great - finally, a 'One Day' achieved! 

Note: I will be posting up several posts about my trip to Bali and the things that we did there complete with photos - hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did taking them.

At the LCCT, while we waited for the flight to whisk us to Bali, we had our breakfast at McDonald's (horrible service) and played Monopoly Deal to past the time. During the flight, some of us snoozed or read or a combination of both... and before we knew it, we arrived!

The shots below were taken at the Denpasar airport where B and I began clicking away on our cameras like the eager beaver tourists that we were...

YAY!!! Finally I am in Bali *

* Traditionally attired Balinese women *

* A photo taken on our way to Ubud from the airport *

Before checking in to Villa Sarna, our choice of accommodation in Ubud, we decided to stop by for the famous 'babi guling' (roast pork of sorts) at Ibu Oka. The rice and pork were delicious and I wish that we could have had more of the fried pork skin (I know it sounds gross but really, its just awesome - like crispy crackers of sorts and there was no oily fat with the skin) but they told us that they had sold out on that. Note that if you aren't hungry but just want to try this dish, one plate would more than be sufficient for two people.

I have to say that the 'babi guling' was quite expensive, but then if you want the best, I guess you gotta pay for it and to be honest, I didn't quite mind. It was a good experience as well just sitting crossed legged on the floor chomping away on the 'babi guling'. 

I had read on various sites that you had to go early to get your plate of deliciousness but we were fortunate that they were still dishing them out when we arrived at about 3pm-ish. Perhaps it was a weekday, so there was not much of a crowd... anyways, I would recommend this place *yums*

* I liked the Joy Tea that they  had in Bali *

* The famous 'Babi Guling' dish which in my opinion rocked my socks *

* Shots of the Ibu Oka restaurant *

* Resident doggles that were running about playing hide and seek *

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