Monday, November 01, 2010


I am unprepared for Monday and November.
October passed too quickly...
yet I find that October was too full.
Full of emotions, relaxation, pampering, fun, 
talk, friendship, possibilities, new beginnings...

November has begun now.
I am excited as each new day passes...
yet I feel in a way unprepared.
It could be that I have not packed my bag for work
nor had enough of sleep this weekend *snickers*

Well much to look forward to...
The mini workshop is starting today,
I got to Kuching in 2 weeks time,
and I get to edit more photos,
start on my new project 
and celebrate the love of my life's birthday.
Its going to be another busy, full and hopefully good month ahead.

oh yes...
Happy belated Hallows Eve folks.
and Happy Monday and November!!!

P.S: Belly is sleeping in a very odd position. 
She is so adorables.

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