Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bali Adventure #3 - Murni's Warung, Ubud

After a late lunch at Ibu Oka's and checking into Villa Sarna, we relaxed, had our snoozes and took a dip in the pool before heading off for dinner at Murni's Warung  in Ubud town. We were initially dropped off at a different restaurant which apparently had very good Bebek Betutu, but we felt that place was a little touristy, so we opted to go to Murni's instead which was initially on my list of "Places To Eat In Bali". 

Now before I talk about Murni's Warung, let me tell you a little about Bebek Betutu.  Bebek Betutu is a traditional Balinese Dish. Bebek means duck *quack quack* and Betutu is a popular dish where chicken or duck are wrap in banana leaf, slow roasting with a lot of spices and herbs for at least 4 -5 hours. 

So, naturally, that's what we ordered. We also had their satay lilit, a chicken dish, a vegetable dish and spring rolls. I have to say that the food was very tasty. There were several comments that I had read online that said the place was overrated and that the service was slow, however, I personally didn't quite note the service as we were having a very leisurely dinner. We enjoyed the food tremendously and I had an awesome time trawling through the knick knacks that were sold there. Do enjoy the photos of the odds and ends at Murni's as well as the photos of the food that we enjoyed. A good place to eat - 8.5 stars!

* The chicken dish *

* The satay lilit *

Bebek Betutu - yums *

* Spring Rolls*

After a scrumptious meal at Murni's, we decided to walk to Ubud town where our pickup point was located. The walk was slow and we "oooo-ed" and "ahhhh-ed" at the architecture and the little restaurants and cafes on either side of the main Ubud street whose name I don't quite know... *snicker* Truly a pity to not be able to hangout at these cafes or browse the delights in the little shops. T'was a good day with good food and friends *grins grins*

* Note the different coloured Starbucks logo 
to fit into the Balinese theme I suppose *


John said...

Great post - sounds like you're having a great time.

Murni's Warung is a wonderful place and I always go there as soon as I arrive in Bali.

I don't think it's overrated at all - I recommend that wherever you saw that you post a correction.

WE don't want other people to lose out.

I often think that jealous competitors like to write spoiling reviews. It's a jungle out there.

Enjoy Ubud.

John Braine
San Francisco

*Dream Weaver* said...

Dear John (hehehe, I find it quick funny, dear John letters),

Thanks for the comment. And yes it is jungle out there.

Come to Malaysia, we have awesome food too!!! (Here's to doing my bit of promoting my country Malaysia)


John said...

I love Malaysia too - where are you?

I'll be over.


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