Saturday, November 13, 2010


Written on 11 November 2010 after a successful event in Kuching.

I am sitting very comfortably wrapped up in a cosy comforter with soft feathery pillows (which I believe is how clouds would feel like should they be turned into pillows) propping me up. There are a couple of hours before work begins again so am taking a breather in the Grand Margarita Hotels in Kuching - the rooms here remind me of the Thistle Port Dickson hotel - hich is actually a pretty nice hotel. ‘Ave Maria’ is playing and I feel emo when I hear this awesome song being song by Beyonce. Her voice is so crisp and full of emotion, definitely one of my fav songs from her.

Seeing that I had some “breathing time”, I decided to watch one of the movies in my hard disk ‘Ramona and Beezus’. I saw the trailer a couple of months ago and couldn’t wait to watch this movie. It’s a really ‘family’ type movie which most people my age would scoff at. But I am drawn to them like how ants are drawn to the sugar pot. The story lines are simple with moral lessons thrown in for good measure.

‘Ramona and Beezus’ is definitely one show that will be in my good books. Besides a pretty good cast, the movie talked about how it was okay to be different, that sometimes we should take bold steps to do the things we really wanted to do before “real life” crept in, that sometimes the little quirky things that we do are extraordinary to others, that a good imagination is meant to be cultivated instead of ridiculed and that having an understanding and loving relationship between husband and wife is so vital to keep a family together.

Besides that, the family life that the Quimby’s (the family in the movie) have is awesome. I would want my children to be close to my future husband and I. I would want us to be able to work together to make things work and to be a close knit family. It’s really hard to explain the kind of dynamics that the family but its just awesome (minus the teenage angst) and I hope one day my family will be like the Quimby’s… if not like them, better - I best prepare the patience needed to start a family though.

I think the best part of the movie was that the Quimby parents encouraged Ramona to be different and to let her know that it was okay to be different and that she was extraordinary. This is a lesson that all of us can learn and remember I believe, I sure will.

P.S: I recommend this movie to for Family TV Nights or for girls women like me, who just want to have that feel good feeling or who has the imagination that is sometimes just out of this world *smiles* 

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