Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mid Work Day

Its 1.22pm and I am in the British Council in the heart of KL.
I am supposed to be working but arrived early and decided to be my nerdy self and went to British Council to listen to free music (The Fratellis and James Morrison) and surf the net.
Finally you are home *smiles grin smiles*
Bringing more candy than I would expect and a whole pile of surprises *super smiles*
Thanks for your thoughtfulness.
Thanks for the post card.
Thanks for spending every day with me since then.
Things will invariable change next week when you start a new phase of your life, but know that I will be here beside you, your #1 supporter and cheerleader. I know things aren't going to be all that easy, but then we both know all too well that life never is that way. I am hoping that it is, but till then I guess we have to soldier on.
Oh well. I best be off to see my client and get on with 'real life'.
I can't wait to see you this evening *huggggssss*

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I feel strange – a part of me is missing.

It’s been about six days since I last saw you.
Six long days…

This is new to me.
Us being a part.
I don’t like it.
It don’t seem right.

I feel strange – a part of me is missing.

I talk to myself.
I laugh and smile when I think of your retorts.
Strangers glance my way.
A smiley stranger
With glittery teary eyes they see.

I feel strange – a part of me is missing.

Where is the laughter
and smiles so warm and tender?
Where is the hand
that insists on being held tight?
Where is the other body
Which fits so well with mine?
Where is the man
Who shares my day and night?

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I feel strange – a part of me is missing.

Hurry home ~ I miss you...

P.S: Don’t forget the candy!

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