Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bali Adventure #8 - Lake Batur @ Kintamani

After visiting Pura Kehan, we went to see the Lake Batur and the volcanic mount batur@ Kintamani. We were not the adventurous kind of folk, so we did not scale the volcano though there are tour packages that offer that for those who are interested. We merely stood and looked at the lake which was pretty gloomy as you can see by my photos below. There were also heaps of ladies who were trying to sell us trinkets, t-shirts and other odds and ends. Local fruit was also sold in one of the little stalls by the side of the road.
A word of advice though, if you aren't interested in something, best not to touch it. Also be ready with a price you are willing to pay and when you do get that price, it would be best if you did buy the item and not just suddenly change your mind. I have heard that some folks got a earful from a shopkeeper after they had haggled heaps and then decided that they didn't want to buy the item in the end. This is not in Bali btw.

Anyways, there was nothing much to see, so we proceeded to have lunch facing the volcano. We ate in a restaurant called Sari. There is an ala carte menu and a buffet and I thought the buffet was a more worth it deal but in the end our little troupe decided to do it ala carte. We had their crispy duck which was quite dry to be honest, more spring rolls which were quite tasty, a chicken dish which was also dry and some noodles which were really really good. I can't recall the name of the noodles sadly. We managed to sneak in half a game of Monopoly Deal before our lunch arrived - playing Monopoly with a view of a volcano rocks!

I have mixed feelings about visit the lake and volcano in Kintamani. The views were pretty but was not all that. Perhaps it was also because of the gloomy weather that sort of damped my spirits but I didn't quite enjoy this touristy destination. However, an experience always is an experience and am glad though that at least I can say, been there, done that. 

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