Thursday, December 26, 2013

My 31st Christmas

Oh, there is just so much to be thankful for this Christmas and if I were to list it all down, it would take me hours.

Christmas 2013 has come and gone in a blink of an eye and although I am super tired, I just wanted to write a few thoughts down just like I try to do every year, and since I hardly blog these days anyway, I thought it would be good to share about my 31st Christmas 
*smiles smiles*

This Christmas was slightly different from the past Christmases... the main differences would be that my brother and his family are in the Philippines celebrating with my sister-in-laws family, instead of work slowing down, I was working too much in December {new clients and a shortage of manpower in the office} which made me grumpy and stressed, I didn't my Christmas shopping done in time and most importantly I did not find my Christmas spirit till heaps and heaps later *sniff*... ok nothing really new here to be honest - LOLs!

 Very much like last year, I found my Christmas spirit during Christmas eve mass. Unlike the Christmas spirits of old, this year's Christmas spirit did not really appear when I saw the beautifully decorated church nor did it appear when I heard the angelic voice of the choir singing Christmas carols... sure there were stirrings in my heart {I am after all a super sap!}, but it was not the same.

There was also no BIG bang to announce the arrival of my Christmas spirit. There was also no "ah hah!" moment... rather it was more of a swelling in my heart when the priests {there were four at the mass} talked about how blessed we were to be able to gather together to celebrate Midnight Mass in peace... 
how there were so many people out there suffering; people who lost their homes due to floods or war, people who were starving or who were sick or who were just lonely.

The swelling in my heart was one of thankfulness, joy and shame. Shame because in the hustle and bustle of "my life", I had forgotten the very fundamentals of Christmas. I had forgotten to prepare myself for the birth of Jesus. I had forgotten to pray for those who were forgotten, lost, in pain or suffering. Instead, I went on and on about how much work I had, how stressed I was, how I did not have anytime to buy presents and yadayadayada. Reading all this now, I feel ashamed at myself to have allowed these pressures to cloud the joy and peace of the season.

But all is not lost. Thank God!

The Christmas spirit swelled in my heart and grew and brought tears in my eyes for indeed unto this day, the Christ child is born and he is called Immanuel which means "God with us". It was a gentle reminder that no matter what I did, where I went or which nasty client I had to tackle, I was never alone. God was and will always be with me. That simple reminder was when I felt the Christmas spirit flow and course through me. 
And joy, the kind you can't buy, filled my heart. 

Thank you God for allowing me that special moment, thank you for the gift of Your Son. Thank you that I am called to be in your fold. Thank you God for all the blessings you have showered upon me and continue to shower upon me. Alleluia! Amen. 

The rest of Christmas passed by in a quiet blur. I spent a lot of time with my parents which was lovely. I hardly give them quality time, so spending time with them during Christmas Eve dinner at our very memorable Tram Car restaurant, Christmas lunch at a local coffee shop today, hanging out with them at home, furniture window shopping and then a simple bak kut teh dinner today in Kepong was wonderful indeed and I my mum thanked B and I for spending Christmas with them. 

Belle the beagle was uber cute today too ~ I hope she gets better soon. I also spent time with my bestie Meows and several other friends. We also managed to sell the condo {I also pray that the sale of the house goes smoothly}. Didn't get to spend much time talking to B one on one but he was always beside me or somewhere close by *smiles* There was also some frantic present wrapping and packing.... and now... finally there is peace and quiet in the house.
I am listening to Mozart Christmas Carols and marveling at how fast time passes and another Christmas has come and gone and how I have to wait another 364 days for it again. 

This year, there is still no Christmas tree in the foreground, no BEC Christmas party, no Christmas carolling.... but there are a pile of surprise Christmas presents, a  few packed bags for tomorrow and most importantly, there is Christmas, joy and peace in my heart and a God who is always with me. 

Once again, Happy Blessed Christmas everyone!

*God bless*

Thank you for reading this dear blog friends and to Jennifer Robinson, thanks for leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it. 

Read more about my other Christmases hereherehere and here.  

And just like last year, I am still hooked onto Avicci {gosh he is a cutie} and kinda regret not dragging myself to the rave - LOLs. So here is some music from him ~ enjoy *smiles*

Christmas just ended but I am already looking forward to the new year 2014, bought my diaries, won myself a calendar and will create a new desktop calendar soon. But first, a short trip away with B and my in-laws, a little bit more of work and its hello 2014!

And finally, to end this post, here is a photo of my darling beagle Belle, asleep. I pray she gets better soon the little dear.

Oh, so much to look forward to everyday... and really I wonder what next year's Christmas will bring, I pray that they are only blessed, good and happy moments. Amen.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Quickie From Me

I know... I know... I was supposed to update this Little Piece of Heaven ages ago but really... its getting tougher to juggle everything. And what do I mean by everything? Well, here's a little of what is going on in my life {for the benefit of those kind people who still follow me ~ thank you}...

Work ~ I recently got promoted {which is awesome} and we have also won some new clients {which is also awesome} but the icky part is that some of my team members are away which means that work has tripled for me. I enjoy being challenged, don't get me wrong, but its hard to do your portion of work and someone else's portion too and still do a good job for both portions! LOL... but thankful I have a good support system consisting of B, my colleagues, my family and my other friends who understand the daunting nature of life in a PR consultancy.

Hearts & Crafts ~ What started of as a little "let's try something new and see how it goes" has turned into something super awesome. I don't make heaps of money and I hardly join any bazaars these days but I am still getting support and sales which is awesome. I have a lot of ideas {funny how the ideas come when you are uber busy but never when you have nothing much going on} and hope to execute them soon but with work taking precedence these days {until we have all hands on deck again}, this has to take a backseat. However, no mater how big or small my store is, I am happy. This was something I used to daydream about and now here I am, actually doing it *smile smile*

Project Love Nest 2.0 ~ I don't know if I have blogged about this but we are moving. In another 2 months time or thereabouts, I will be nestled in my new home which is just a stones throw away from where I grew up. The house is being renovated and OMG is is a pain to manage contractors and deciding on what needs to be done and how everything is going to look and be transported... GAH! Even thinking about it is giving me the shivers!!! But... the house is gorgeous. I used to wonder how the inside of the house looked like and now we are the proud owners of said house! Will share some before and after pics of the house when things settle down *grin grin*

Holidays & Occasions ~ I missed the Avicci rave about 2 weekends ago and feel a bit bummed about it but I wasn't feeling well and I had the strangest feeling that I should stay at home and so I did. Last weekend was Kelssy's wedding and it was a whole day of merriment and activity. Will be going to celebrate their second wedding celebration up north this weekend ~ can't wait to go for this short road trip. Other then that, my weekends have been filled with shopping for the house stuff, catching up on sleep, tv and shop updates or visiting friends and family. I always feel that there is not enough time in a day!

Swaps, Snailmail & Postcrossing ~ I just started participating in Postcrossing and Swaps via swapbot this year and it has made me realize how much I miss writing, pen on paper and decorating said letter with stickers, pen and stamps. Have been meeting a lot of new friends via Instagram as well which is great. Hoping to do more swaps and snailmail next year. 

Anyways, that's about all the stuff that is happening in my life apart from my usual I-want-to-craft dilemma, watching and catching up on all my neglected TV series, movies and books and oh gosh, I just remembered I need to pack up and move *shudder* this is not going to be pleasant! I really do have a lot of stuff.

On to happy things... I recently made my first Black Friday purchase from Studio Calico and here is the short story of what happened which I shared on Studio Calico's blog post. I hope they don't I am strange!


I was so surprised when I saw the Studio Calico box this evening as I was not expecting it for at least another month - what with me living in Malaysia and all... but there it was in its unassuming brown box.

Before I opened the box, I turned on my BoneyM Christmas Carols and slowly cut the tape to reveal the treasures inside and to cut the story short, it was as if Christmas morning had come early for me. You see every day I see these pretty sneak peaks, reveals and items online and I very very seldom get the chance to buy them {no thanks to the awful conversion and shipping rate!} but finally... finally I have my own little magnetic kit box and other goodies which I have previously only been able to "oooo" and "ahhhh" at :)

As I opened each brown paper bag, drew open each muslin bag and sneaked a peek at the goodness inside, I just kept smiling {like a little looney} and I about half and hour later, I am still smiling. Still happy.

Sorry for this uber long comment but I to share my joy and say thank you to the team for selecting these pretty grab bags and for sending these goodies so quickly. It is my first time participating in a BlackFriday sale and I am so glad. 

Happy early Christmas to the Studio Calico team :)

~* ~*~*~

So yes... I am still smiling as I type this.
Truly Christmas has come early for me.
It's a little late and though its a public holiday tomorrow, I need to wind down for the night. Its been a draining two days at work - I a whole month to feel like this though I certainly hope it is not so.
Will try my utmost best to write again soon 
*smiles smiles*

Sunday, October 13, 2013

oh gosh

Oh Gosh!
How I have abandoned thee, my 
Little Piece of Heaven.
Has much changed?
Yes and no.
I promise to update you more soon.
I have so much to write about.
So many photos to share.
So little time.
Must make more of an effort.
Till the next post {and to whomever is reading this},
know that this space will be alive soonest.
Btw, hop on to my little store online for more goodness 

Thanks and see you folks online soon.
Thanks for reading *smiles*

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Inspiring Interiors #15 - Super Stylin' Feature Cupboards

A well styled book case is never easy to achieve.
There are many things to consider, namely the look and feel of your
bookcase the types of items you would like to display and if you are
going to coordinate the display items
i.e. with a certain theme, colour, etc.

I know I haven't blogged a lot lately at this Little Piece of Heaven
but really, really, much has been happening and one of the biggest
news of the year {no I am not preggers} is that we will be moving in
about two months time *woot woot*

This time, we don't have to hunt for the right furniture {we managed
to find all the right pieces over a weekend!} but we would
need to do some minor renovations for the new place. At present,
I am going through several quotes and would dearly love for
this whole process to be over to be honest!

Then there will be the packing *shudder* and
more packing *double shudder*
and then the final move and then sadly,
saying goodbye to our little apartment...
the first home that B and I have together. I will miss it heaps...

Anyways, more on the reno and etc. later on...
 there will be plenty of time for that I am sure...
I will leave you now with some inspiring ideas
on styled book cases. Remember though that the
styling has to be entirely about you and not about
whats in and trendy or in fashion at the moment *smiles* 
Enjoy these awesome pics. I am surely inspired {plus its been awhile
since I shared any inspiring interiors, right?!}

Photos and insights above from SAS Interiors

Sunday, July 28, 2013

He Provides.

So I say to you: Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; everyone who searches finds; everyone who knocks will have the door opened." - Luke 11:9-10

Today's Gospel reading at mass {Luke 11:1-13} is a reading that I have read numerous times in many stages of my life and yet, each time I read it or hear it as part of a sermon or a conversation, the message changes for me. 

As I listened to the Priest share his homily this morning, I am reminded yet again that God provides and really, how amazing is it that this message comes to me two weeks in a row {last week a lady offered me two candles to light and so very randomly told me that God provides}. Surely God must be telling me, "Hi JW, I got this. Trust in me. I will provide. All you need to do is ask." 

It it foolish to think that all I want is going to miraculously appear on my doorstep tomorrow and I know that a lot of my prayers may go unanswered, but what the Priest shared rings true to my dulled ears that needed a reminder... that sometimes God answers your prayers in ways that you do not expect and that He always provides you what you need, when you need it. And how true that is. I with my human eyes and my limited understanding cannot fathom the design and work of His hands... His plan for me.

So I paused for awhile today and took a quick glimpse through my life... at all my wants that have been rejected, all the disappointments faced and all the trials endured and I realized that these things have only built me up, made me stronger, made me more compassionate, made me see things with new eyes and above all to realize yet again how infinitely blessed I am. 

I thank God that I have such strong support from my family, from my husband and best friend, from my two sisters of my heart, from my friends and even my colleagues. I thank God that I have the ability to make people laugh and put a smile on their faces. To be a part of a team. To be part of a loving and large family. To own a small happy business {who would have thought!}. To have traveled. To have a roof over my head and comfortable bed to sleep in at night. To have so many wonderful moments in life. To have loved. To really just be just me with all my flaws and good bits. How we take all this for granted sometimes...

...and oh, how happy and infinitely blessed I am.

So I ask of you today dear God, for blessings on those around me, that their burdens lessen, that their health increases, that they have more smiles and less tears, that their hearts be at peace, that they be given their daily bread, that they find people to love them as they should be loved, that they are kept warm, that they have shelter, that they have a hat to hold,  that they receive hugs when they are down, that they always have someone to listen to them and care for them, that their journey in life be filled with wonderful memories, that they find joy in their lives and that the empty void in their lives be filled with Your peace and love. 

...and oh what peace and love it is. What a friend we have in you. 
Thank you for providing me all that I need and so much more.

Oh how happy and infinitely blessed I am.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My 1st Giveaway on Hearts & Crafts

Hi my loyal blog readers. I know I have not updated in a long time and the list of pending posts is a mile long but I wanted to just quickly share my first blog giveaway on Hearts & Crafts

As you know, I started Hearts & Crafts about a year ago and it has been increasingly rewarding not only monetarily but also I have made many new friends, had the opportunity to brush up on my marketing, communications and most importantly exploring and creating new memories and experiences. 

I still have so many things to share but at this moment, right now, would just like to share this giveaway with all of you. So what are you waiting for? Go win some happy Black & White washi tape *smiles smiles* 

Thursday, July 04, 2013

A Mother's Day card

I know I am way late, but better late then never.
Made this handmade card for a Mother's Day card swap.
Enjoyed making it and am hoping that I will have the time to
experiment and make more cards in the near future. 

When I leave this earth

I never like to go to sleep angry at anyone, especially the people that I truly love and care for... but sometimes, when tempers flare and insecurities are unearthed and words are misunderstood, there is no mending bridges or communication for that day and you go to sleep angry

Not everyone believes in settling quarrels or forgiving someone before they close their eyes and sleep. But for me, I hate going to sleep angry or upset or hurt, basically in a negative mood. My heart usually feels heavy and I need to write or just get this feeling out of me and then only will I be able to fall asleep.

Perhaps the biggest reason why I want to sort things out before I sleep is that I would like to not leave words unsaid or to wake up to a day when things start off on the wrong foot because you are still holding a grudge, a hurt or words left unspoken because what if tomorrow never came?

Too many a time have people left without saying the words "I am sorry" or "I love you". How tragic to be one of those people. Hence why my need to settle these things before I sleep. In my world I strive to live each day with a ribbon tied round it so that in the event that I am chosen to return to God, I would have done everything I could possibly do. I still fall short, but I am trying. Life is too fragile.

So when I have to leave this earth or if one day I am no longer around to write or to type, or speak, know that I am sorry for the things I say that sometimes hurt or anger you, also know that I am aware of the many sacrifices you make for me and know that above all, I love you B.

Know that though we have our disagreements and different viewpoints, at the end of the day we are an awesome twosome and I know you love me too. Our lives will never be complete without the other half and like all those epic romance novels, tv shows and movies, we will always find each other wherever we will be in the world beyond as our lives and souls are eternally entwined.

Love yous booyah.


Update: I know that truth now about what happened and I feel foolish for believing you and trusting you. I feel stupid for being naive in thinking that people can change. I feel angry most of all for thinking that I was in the wrong, that I was the paranoid crazed one. And now, I find out that I wasn't wrong and learn how fast a small seemingly insignificant lie can turn into something so very ugly. Also, you should really be an actor for the lovely show you put on.

After all that is being said above, I know this is just a blip in the radar of our marriage and that I will get over it. What I also know is that the trust barometer has gone down and lastly, what I know on this dull grey morning is that its better to know then not to know and that I need to not only harden myself but learn how to stop being so naive, for leopards never truly change their spots, they sometimes just hide it under layers of fur.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Craving for Baskin Robbins

Every now and then I get a craving for ice cream
and my all time favourite place to go to since I was
16 {and saving my money for my weekly cone}

I just had a craving but since I can't get a hold of one
right now, some pics of my favourite flavors will
have to do *smiles smiles*
Thank you God for ice cream and for
delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream.

Pistachio Almond

Love Potion #31

Peppermint Chip

Jamoca Almond Fudge

Photos seen here

Saturday, May 25, 2013

H&C will be at the May FUYOH Art Bazaar!

This Sunday I will be at Publika again for the
FUYOH Art Bazaar (FAB)!
I don't have much to prepare as my new
shipment of items has sadly not arrived yet *sniff*
but hopefully it arrives soon. 
Will be participating in a new bazaar the following week.
More details soon.

In the mean time, do drop by to checkout my
washi tape, embellishments, stickers and the like.
Oh yes, and don't forget to "LIKE" Hearts & Crafts.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just a plain old blur.

Seen @ Pinterest

A blur. That's how I would describe these last few weeks and months. The days do blend into another that at times I forget days and weeks and mix up things...or perhaps its my memory acting up on me! Regardless if it is my poor memory or time just moving unnaturally fast for my liking, I am just trying to be on top of things at work, for Hearts & Crafts and watching my TV series and reading my books {I know, I know, that shouldn't be on the list but it is!}. I find myself giving attention to work and then I neglect either my hobbies or Hearts & Crafts *sniff sniff* I do pray that I had more time a day or more like I have the will to follow through whatever plans I have made for the day - 'cos sometimes I get distracted with things.

Anyways, so many plans are being made, so many new activities at the office all of a sudden, and there also some changes in my life. So many things I would like to write down, so many things I would like to share... but time, oh time and procrastination and unfriendly blogger - all working against me and yes, I do also work against myself sometimes *snickers* Well just wanted to write a quick post to let whoever still reads this blog know that everything is okay and that I am alive and kicking {or zumba-ing! - am trying this}.

Till the next time I write. Oh how I miss you my 
Little Piece of Heaven ~ my place of interweb comfort.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Perhaps it is not the time for 'ubah'...

There is a blue stain on my left index finger with apparently indelible ink smeared on it. Most of it has come off though there is a ring of dark blue around my nail that refuses to budge, but I will leave it there as a reminder of today. For today, the 5th of May 2013, was a day that the people came together to vote for change in our country Malaysia through our 13th General Election (13GE). Today is also the day that I write about my thoughts about my country and the 13GE on this Little Piece of Happy Heaven because this is important for me and I want to remember this feeling.

I have never been keen on politics, indeed I am ashamed to say that I did not vote in the last election nor bothered to know the names of the ministers and the goings on in parliament and such mainly because I grew up in a my own world one which consisted on a diet of happy ever afters, happiness and trivial things. But over the past few years since the last election, that little world I had so carefully constructed around myself started chipping away and I was confronted with dirty politics, dishonesty, corruption, nepotism and the like. I always thought that my vote wouldn't matter... after all what is one vote. I stand corrected. My one vote does count. My voice does matter.

In the weeks and days leading up to the 13GE, it seemed that more people began to realise that their voice mattered too and this was evident when we saw the masses congregate at rallies and those come out to vote. They started voting at dawn, some came later and stood in the morning sun and then there were those that braved the rain in the afternoon to cast their vote. Then there were some who hunted those phantom voters and who fought for clean elections.

For me, I stood in the park near my childhood home in the sunlight and surrounded by so many of my high school friends and neighbours. All of us came back to 'hood' to cast our vote to be heard and my heart soared just like it did when I attended a gathering by the opposition and heard them speak and saw people of all races and religions and educational background come together sharing umbrellas in the evening rain and all eager to see change happen. "Inikalilah!" "Ubah". This is the time! Change!

And now hours after voting, many Malaysians sit glued to their tvs, ipads, phones and computers getting live feed of the fate of our nation. Sadly, the opposition doesn't seem to be having a lead though there are many seats that have been won and defended. I can't help but feel sick when I read about the phantom voters, the strange ballot boxes that appeared from Heaven only knows where, and the sinking realisation that we may very well be stuck with a government that we do not want.

My heart is heavy as are the hearts of so many in our city and surrounding areas. The final figures have yet to be tallied and I have yet to switch on the telly for the latest updates but whatever it is, we have changed our profile and cover pictures to black because it is black night for us - blackout!

Yet in the midst of our sorrow over what I feel is the lost of our country {and I can feel the sorrow of the opposition and volunteers who worked so hard}, I choose to believe that God has a plan for all of us, for our dear country Malaysia regardless of who wins. Indeed He has opened my eyes to see the unity that can and HAS happened when we believe in a cause and stand up together. Let us all try our best not to loose heart over what has happened but to see how best we can help in shaping our nation. Out of despair will rise a new people, new voices, new visions. We are hungry for justice, we are hungry for fairness and transparency, we are hungry for a true 1 Malaysia.

Merdeka for our country? I don't think Malaysian's truly understand what it is like to be free. Perhaps one day we will all know what it truly means and will be able to taste that sweetness of a true Merdeka, a true Independence,  true freedom.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The scents of cherries in the air

I have always loved Escada perfumes, my favourites 
being Sexy Graffiti and Especially Escada.
However, I thought I would try something new this time round
and so I decided on the latest summer fragrance, 
Escada's Cherry in the Air.

It does smell of sweet cherries and summer. 
I love it though I still would love a bottle of 
Sexy Graffiti and Especially Escada *smiles*
Didn't ya know that a girl has got to have 
a variety of scents for different days? *snickers*

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fantasy Disney Music Festival

Awesome poster seen here

The Disney folks came up with a fantasy Disney music festival
and by golly does it look spectacular! *smiles*
I would love to be there to hear them sing their
Disney hearts out and you can bet I will be singing along too!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Papercraft Animals

The Wild Bunch

The Christmas Creature

The Festive Friends

The Wise Guys

Forest Friends

The Marine Team

The Carrot Crew

Awesome paper products from Mibo Studio. All you need to do is purchase and assemble at home. A good project for a rainy day *smiles* Am loving the The Carrot Crew, Marine Team and Wise Guys. Wha'ts your favourite bunch of animals?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let's Create!

Yes I know this post has been a long time coming... So finally, after thinking about a few words for my One Little Word {OLW} for 2013 and my 31st year {with "live" being a close contender}, I have selected the word... *drumroll*... "Create". 

Create is quite a common word and I know that many people have used it in previous years but to me it is not a deterrent  Besides, OLW is not a contest to pick the most unique word and we don't really have to compare your OLW with others because the selection of that OLW is so special to each and every person. All of us have different experiences and are in different stages of life with varying wants, viewpoints and goals. So what made me decide on the word Create?

For one, I realised that I needed to concentrate more on a number of things and in some ways, they involved  the word create. Here are some examples of how I shall see my OLW coming into play this year.

Creating Memories ~ How can the word create not feature prominently when memories are concerned? I plan to create more good memories, not only ones that I store in my mind but also memories that can be taken out on days when it is needed - think photographs, mini albums, scrapbooking and etc. 

Creating a Business ~ I have already started Hearts & Crafts for about 10 months and it has been developing steadily but not has fast as I would like it to. I am setting myself some business goals for the year in the hopes that this keeps me disciplined to manage my business {however little it is} in a more organised manner.

Creating a Home ~ I would love to create a nicer more comfortable home for myself and B. I want to really work on Project Love Nest and organised, colour coordinate and pretty up my home. There are so many interior design ideas {just look at my previous posts and pinterest boards} whirling around in my mind and I can't wait to try some of them. And since we are maybe getting a new home, I can't wait to decorate it and possibly have a nook for my craft stuff *smiles smiles*

Creating a Improved DW ~ I love myself. Every part of myself for that matter but I have noticed bits that need some work. Be it physically, mentally or emotionally, I am going to improve. One of my main goals would be to be much better manager and to really try and do the best I can at work.

Creating Handmade ~ I have started making things again. Slowly but surely {me and my baby steps}. I have some projects up my sleeve and quite a number of ideas are already taking shape so its more of a 'lets get the party started' kind of thing and off we go creating! This year, I will create more handmade things. Things that I can proudly say I made *smiles* I have also started to join some card swaps which will be fun to do and I am always participating in Post Crossing 

And of course I am sure there will be more opportunities or things that I can tag the word 'create' to such as creating a family {God willing when we are ready}, create ways to help others who are less fortunate, creating new and lasting friendships and creating new adventures of the awesome variety. I hope you enjoyed reading about my OLW for 2012 and my 30th year 'explore' and my new OLW 'create'. Here's to creating a wonderful and memorable 2013 and 31st year!!! *smiles smiles grin grin* 

Seen here

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I will be @ the Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9

Heyya all! The last craft market I participated in, the FUYOH Art Bazaar at Publika, was a success even though the traffic was slow as people were away. I met many wonderful new friends and so many friends came by to say "hello" and show their support and I felt so blessed to have the support from so many people for this little pet project of mine, Hearts & Crafts *smiles* 

Now two weeks after the FUYOH Art Bazaar, Hearts & Crafts will be participating in another bazaar, the Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9 which will be held this Saturday, 13 April 2013 from 12pm-7pm *smiles smiles*

This will be my first time at the bazaar and I am a little nervous to say the least. Butterflies are a plenty in my belly but part of the reason why I started Hearts & Crafts was not only to make some profits but to make new friends who are into arts and crafts and who can inspire me and craft with me *smiles* so in that sense I guess I am not so nervous *laughs* So far I have made a couple of craft friends and participated in some craft swaps {will blog about that more} and its been lovely. I enjoy talking to my friends about new techniques or about the various products available or just chatting about what we want to try and make and etc. 

I digress... So anyways, I will be at Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9 at B-Free studio and I will be selling my full range of crafts supplies such as my happy washi tape {but of course}, patterned paper straws, stickers, embellishments, post-its, specially designed posters and bookmarks and more. Don't you just love the poster that they created for promotional purposes? 

So dear friends, do pen down this rather important date (13 April) and visit the Supplies Surprise Bazaar. Do find below the location of the bazaar {at the BFree Studio} and if you wish to know more about the bazaar and the other lovely vendors {there will be vendors selling fabric, ribbons and all your crafting supplies} and receive updates, do visit the Supplies Surprise FB page or the Handmade Movement blog

I certainly hope to see you all there. 
Do drop by to say "hi" when you are there *smiles*
There will be more posts to come.
Have so many ideas but so little time...
Story of my life *huhuhuhu*

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

He is Risen!

I love what Pope Francis shared during the Easter vigil service in St. Peter's: Do not to be afraid of God’s surprises, never lose confidence during the trials and tribulations of daily life, and, if you strayed, do let God back into your lives... be confident that God is close to you, that He is with you and He will give you the peace you are looking for and the strength to live as He would have you do.

This words of encouragement and hope resonates within me as does the works of this new Pope. To be honest, I a born Catholic never really connected with a Pope until now. Since he was elected as the new Pope, Pope Francis' words and deeds have struck a chord within me. I pray that he will be strong enough to overcome the forces of darkness and the many obstacles that is the world and that surrounds the Catholic church. For once I earnestly pray that he will have the wisdom, the discernment and the courage to do what is needed. I pray that the world will come to know our religion as a religion of peace and forgiveness and not one that is marred by scandal. I pray for his health and his way, that it be lit by God's goodness and grace.

Yes, He is indeed risen!
Let us rejoice and be glad.
Happy {belated} Easter friends.

You can read Pope Francis' full homily here
Image seen here

Saturday, March 30, 2013

100 Designs of Washi Tape

Hi everyone. If you didn't already know, Hearts & Crafts 
carries more than 100 designs of washi tape. 
We recently received new designs and are delighted
to share these colourful and happy washi tape with all of you.
I reckon we have one of the largest supplies of 
washi tape in Malaysia. 

Do drop me an email at
for more information.

Alternatively, do visit us at the FUYOH Art Bazaar at Publika
tomorrow on Easter Sunday and view these 100 designs up close.
See you all there!!! *smiles smiles smiles*

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kinfolk - An Ode to Ice Cream

Seen here

I have seen Kinfolk magazine on several blogs and it
has been lauded as an inspiring magazine with gorgeous
photos. Having never laid eyes on it in Malaysia, I was
pleasantly surprised to see it on a Malaysian website and
immediately {ok, after a few minutes of deliberating}
decided to just buy a copy of Kinfolk Magazine vol.7
which is an Ode to Ice Cream.
Who am I kidding, with a theme like that, I was a goner!

The website for Kinfolk say that this issue is "..a celebration
of the spring season, focusing on those shared loves that
brings us together: the enjoyment of food, friends, family,
and time spent in community whether around the table
or out-of-doors."  I can't wait to get my copy which
will hopefully be soon-ish *smiles smiles*

And I suddenly have the urge of ice cream *noms*
*huhuhuhu* Have a good day ahead folks.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Studio Calico Kits - I wants!

Seen here

Been ogling Studio Calico's lovely lovely items especially their kits.
its not cheap to subscribe and own them here in Malaysia
but they are so so gorgeous. I love the colours and coordinating
embellishments. Very "me" *smiles*

I especially like the top picture which is the Neverland Project Life 
kit. It's sold out {bummer} but am hoping that one day I get I 
will be able to get it. So so pretty.

Have a good day and hope you enjoyed just looking at some simple
eye candy. I certainly did *smiles smiles grin grin*

Monday, March 25, 2013

I am grateful

Seen on Pinterest

Today's an awesome day.
It's been a simple day filled with so
many things to be grateful for.

I had an easy day at work today with no moaning
clients or bosses but instead had good and fun chats with
several of my colleagues. The food today was also delicious
especially the lovely dark chocolate covered biscuits and
lemon almond biscuits that I bought from Ben's Independent
Grocer. Then there was the decent-ish traffic on the way home,
a free ride from my dad, a photobook I compiled arrived in the
mail, the chance for me to see my brother before he
leaves for his trip overseas, a glimpse and a little pet for a cute
hamster, time spent playing with my doggy Belle, a lovely dinner
with my parents and B and then coming home to my lovely
small, cluttered house that smells so lovely and finding out that
the books I have been waiting for {and wanting} have arrived.
Oh the sweet joy of having a simple awesome day.

Thank you God for so many blessings.

P.S: Sorry for the lack of posts and the cobwebs that
have gathered in this Little Piece of Heaven.
More updates soon, I promise *smiles* 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

oh gosh....

Oh Gosh! 
How I miss blogging.
Will be back real soon with heaps of posts.
Am just completing my photobooks 
which are about to expire *egad*

Hope you are all doing well.
Do continue to pop by this 
Little Piece of Heaven.
*smiles smiles grins grins*

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

trips, time and taking heart

I saw this on Business Insider and
was marveled again the many things
I have yet to see and experience.

On one hand I feel so blessed to have
seen so many beautiful things and
experienced so much. I know that there
are others who are not as blessed
or who have not had the means to do
so and I am so grateful for all that I have
gotten... yet being human, and being me
sometimes it isn't enough.

The wanderlust stirs in my blood.
It keeps me wondering about the next
time I board the plane, the next place I 
will be. I feel the magic when I see photos
of places on my wishlist and I daydream
about the places and what it will feel like...

Then there are times when I wish I could turn
back the clock. To not only revisit the places
I have been and taken more photos and savored
the experiences a little bit more but to 
undo the things that I did or didn't do
which have such repercussions on my life now. 
They could be things done here where I live
or the things done abroad but they are things
that I wish I could undo nonetheless.

I know there is nothing much I can do at the
moment for things have already been done.
Things have already been spun into motion.
All I can do is pray and hope that things
work out for the best because at the end of
the day, it is His will and not ours.
Sure they are my mistakes, but I know
in my heart that whatever happens and 
how things change after this, it will be
for the best decision at the end of the day.

I must be strong. I must take heart.
There is no one who will be there on my side.
And yes, it does call to mind the different mistakes
made over time that have changed me... I hope
this one does not have such severe repercussions.

God you hear me and you know what I ask of you.
Let your will be done. Amen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Timelapse - Disneyland

I came upon this interesting timelapse video which is made out of 30,000 photos taken over a year in Disneyland. Photographer Daniel Navarette put this massive timelapse together of the magical kingdom so sit back and enjoy it *smiles smiles* 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

31 & 1

I turned 31 on February 19th. 
I celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary with B.
More on that soon *smiles*

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 1 Year Anniversary B

Today is my first year anniversary with B and we are
are celebrating on the sunny island of Krabi *smiles*
Anyways, its amazing to think that we have been married
for a year now. At times our relationship feels so new and
at other times it feels as if we have been married for ages
and ages. We have been through so many things in this short
year. We have had many losses, we had our share of 
disagreements and days when we just want to be alone
with out thoughts but at the same time, there has been so
much joy, new memories created, new experiences 
shared and a whole lot of love and respect for each
other. We have grown as a couple and as friends.

So Happy 1st Year Anniversary B. 
May there be many many more anniversaries to
come. Love & heart you many many much much.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Small steps to help Kate

Hi Alls, My little pet craft project, Hearts & Crafts
is doing a mini CSR project for a girl named Kate who isn't
well {read more about Kate here}. 
So all washi tape from my store will be sold at 50% off until 
19 February 2013 {postage not included}. 
The 50% you save will be donated to Kate. 
If you are not into washi tape, you can also participate 
in a handmade auction to raise funds for Kate 
on Allie's Handcrafted Crafts

Alternatively if you want to donate your 
handmade items to be auctioned off, please contact 
Allie Remember, things 
always start small before they can become big. 
So take small steps to help someone in need.

Do also note that I will be away on vacation but 
I will attend to your requests when I get back as 
I have limited internet access when I am away.

I also know that I have heaps of posts to catch 
up on but big things are brewing here 
{no, I am not preggers!} so am just waiting for
things to settle some before sharing that 
big thing and work has been crazy too due to 
Chines New Year holidays and my 
colleagues being on leave and all that. 

So check out this space soon for new updates, 
and happy things {not many of them these days 
but am working on changing that} *smiles*

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