Monday, January 01, 2007

- Happy 2007 -

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So here I am on the first day of the New Year in my bedroom clothes, hair in a mess typing alone in the gloomy darkness with my favourite songs blasting out of the speakers.
A storm is brewing, the wind is billowing and I am alone at home.

Its hard to believe that 365(?) days have passed by and another 365 days are before me.
A new year always looks so promising.
Its like you could change the ways things are going.
You are given a whole, clean and new slate.
Chances are all before you ~ just reach out and grab them…
and a whole host of other adages.

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Unlike like last year where my list of resolutions were not as intense and well thought about, this year's list will be different or rather I hope it will be different (Am currently in the midst of compiling them properly). Last year has thought me many things.
Many painful lessons have been learnt in 2006 and as many people have already asked me, “how was 2006?” I can only smile and say that “It could have been worse”.

It’s not to say that 2006 was bad or horrible. In fact there are many wonderful things that have happened to me. Smiles, Sunshine and laughter have been abundant and there are many things that I have been privileged and blessed to received …… yet… there are still some things that were lacking. Things to private or difficult to mention on ones blog.

A few days ago, I was sifting through some of my things, in the hopes of arranging my room and creating some semblance of order and I managed to rifled through several forgotten memories. These memories gnawed at me and made me feel incomplete and restless and it is these same memories that have kept me from saying that the year 2006 was awesome and fantastic. Now with these memories which have been found , I will start the new year with them firmly placed in mind lest I should forget them and send them to the neglected piles of things scattered around my room as I once did before.

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I pray and hope fervently that the year ahead will be filled with many blessings for my family, my relatives and friends and acquaintances and of course for me.
I pray that we have smiles and laughter, joy in our lives, peace in our mind and world, hope and faith for better things to come, wisdom to make the right choices in life, patience and perseverance in demanding situations and love to make everything else worthwhile. I also hope for happy, relaxing, reasonably priced holidays, cups of tea/coffee with friends to rekindle togetherness, bonuses, raises and promotions, happy endings, good bargains, less natural or manmade disasters, good health, lots of wealth and the strength to see all this through.

The people you love and who love you in return,
the places you belong to and love,
the triumphs, the smiles, the victories won
The sweetest memories you hold on to…
and those unforgettable moments when you close your eyes and breathe in life with a smile...
a new year is the time to remember and to celebrate all the things that are good in your world.

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Happy Blessed 2007 everyone!
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