Monday, October 31, 2005

The 24th Chromosome

Happy Halloween!!!
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Just watched DOOM and I actually liked it. At first I was skeptic about it, but in the end decided to go because the Possum wanted to watch it. Anyways, after the movie on the way to Friendster, I got to thinking that if I did have the 24th chromosome injected in me or if I was somehow infected, would I become the mutant-crazy-killer-type-thingy or the super human???

The Possum agreed that I could be the type on the brink of both but would probably be the super human and as for the Possum well no guesses but he falls into the mutant thingy category for sure. He is more like Sarge (played by the Rock) than anyone else… and I… I would probably be a combination of a couple of people simply because I have yet to define myself fully as of yet. I simply learn new things about myself as the days go by… some of them I like and some things that I dislike and try to change.

I read my journal last night (which always provokes me to write something) and basically the same problems I am facing now, I faced then. Nothing much has changed which really saddened me. Of course there are more things this year that I have achieved as compared to last year and I do get some joy and pride out of that, but at the same time I found it sad that the major things that I disliked about my situation last year has not changed and that I am still in the same situation. I don’t want to read my journal this time next year and find that things still hasn’t changed.

I think its time to change…

*Gosh this sounds like an entry for the end of the year not for the beginning of November…


I think about all the people that call me “stupid” all the time and I feel sick and unraged because I am anyhow not stupid. I may be blur sometimes and ignorant at other times but I don’t think that I am stupid… so to those people who adore calling me stupid (either you meant it in a funny way or whatever) FARK U and up yours!

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And to those “wonderfully clever and witty” people who missed called my phone 3 times on Halloweens and basically called me a China girl and accused of stupid thing - FARK U too!!! It was the stupidest prank ever, one that should come from an adolescent pimply boy… but then again I bet you guys are no better than them with mentalities which are as appalling. Up Yours!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

*THREE Down* (smiles)

Another one down…
* Smiles like a looney *
I managed to finish another blardy assignment.

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Anyways, after handing up the dreaded assignment, Pauline and I went to Delaney’s Irish Pub in Park Royal Hotel. The food was pretty alright, though I think that the whole review could have been handled better. The highlight of Pauline’s and my time there was of course the drinks. We had red, white and sparkling wine from Argentina, Port from Aussie and ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ which was a special cocktail for Christmas *grins* I am such a sucker!!!

After happily drinking away till 5.30pm, Pauline and I went to Borders in Times Square as I hadn’t been there in a long long time and both of us felt the itch to read and browse for books J So, there I was wide-eyed and salivating at the new books they had and wishing that someone would offer me like a thousand bucks worth of books on the spot, but of course no one did -bleh!

Anyways, after covering the first floor, I went to the 2nd floor in search of more scrapbooking books. I strangely remembered where the books were located and made a beeline for them. At that aisle, a guy was like crouching down in front of the scrapbooking section and I inwardly groaned as I had wanted to browse alone (Yes, I can be quite territorial at times!)

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As I got closer, the guy looked up and asked me if he could assist me in anyway. Ahhh… he works in Borders and so polite I thought… it was then that I recognised him. He was from the same seminar I had gone to a couple of weeks ago. So, anyways we got to talking and talking and then he had to go do something and I had a few minutes with my books but me mum called and I had to go without saying goodbye to Mr. Borders (That shall be his nick for now!)

After Pauline and I had made our long journey back to Taman Bahagaia, the Possum picked us up and sent us home. Then the Possum and I went to The Curve to have sushi but sadly there was a freaking line in front of the sushi shop so, we decided to go somewhere else. We ended up in Colonial Times where we feasted on Briyani rice, Mango and Strawberry lassie and curries and the yummiest Laotian fish cakes ever. The best part for me was when they started singing Hindi songs live *grin*. Poor Possum doesn’t quite fancy Hindi music so I guess inwardly he was cringing, but for me I had to control the urge to get up and dance... hehehe.

Well, after dinner we made our way to KL for more Screwdriver reviews with Joyce. We reached the Asian Heritage Row at Bar Sa Vanh and ordered and drinks and chatted. Not 15 mintues into the night and I felt super sick. It was a combination of headache and “I WANT TO PUKE” feeling. If I had drank more, I would understand why I felt this way, but I didn’t drink before that. Anyways, as the night progressed, the headaches and nausea got worse with the disco lights and loud music and to think that the manager there laid out so many bottles of alcohol in front of us and wanted to like get me another drink (YES, I only had ONE drink!) and I had to decline… I felt THAT bad!!! Plus, I had a bad case of dejavu and predicted what was going to happen the way it was going to happen and the Possum I think was a little freaked out when it did… I really hate that whole de ja vu feeling you know... freaky!!!
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Anyways, to makes matters worse. It was pouring cats and dogs when we decided to leave. So the Possum borrowed and umbrella to get me and Joyce to his car and after getting us in, he had to go back and return the umbrella unfortunately the umbrella he used did not work and just went upside down... so the Possum just checked the damn umbrella by the side of the road and I couldn’t’ help but to laugh at that time, but I realized “Gawd… poor child!” So, he was drenched from head to toe in the end. Poor Possum! After much traffic jams, we finally got to Zouk where we dropped Joyce off as I so just wanted to go home and really couldn’t stand going to another night club that night.

So back home we went, the Possum soaking wet and *Dream Weaver* just wanting to go back to her dreamland. Boiled myself lots of hot water to drink and took a scalding hot bath and felt so much better… after that I curled up in a ball and slept. There will be more screwdrivers to taste and a bottle of promised Barcardi to savour and of course more wonderful days of dancing the chicken wiggles to come.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Maybe if...

Maybe if I don't eat anything, not even a cracker
I will be stick thin by next year and fit into those nice clothes
and look "super hot"...
Maybe if I also poke a pencil
and ground it into my cheeks
I will have "super cute dimples"...
Maybe if I eat about 5kgs of carrots a day
my eyesite will become better
and I will have "super sexy shades" to wear...
Maybe if I bathe in HL skim milk
everyday I will have "super smooth skin"...
Maybe if I deleted my friendster account
I wouldn't have to see your pics anymore
and have "super low esteem problems"!!!

* My Prince Charming*

"She didn't know him very well, but when she did the depth of his character would probably become clearer to her. When she knew him better maybe she would...."
("How To Be Famous" A Novel by Alison Bond)

The list runs long for the "maybes"... (sounds a little like me when I make excuses for the men and ex-men in my life...) and later she continues and says this:

"Melanie was looking for the complete package; (Aren't we all?) a real man with a tender heart (I don't think there are any "real men" with 'tender' hearts left). A man who would throw her over her shoulder to carry her upstairs and make brutish love to her (As if there are men who can carry me on his shoulder much less one who could make good brutish love) and then fetch her a glass of water before they slept the whole night long in each other's arms (Ahhh... Bliss!). She firmly believed that such a man existed, even if experience should have taught her otherwise (Sounds like "someone" I know!)
("How To Be Famous" A Novel by Alison Bond)

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Yes Guilty!!!
Alison could very well have written those few sentences
about me... *sigh*
*Dream Weaver* is a super sucker for believing and
thinking that there are such men out there who
would be the "perfect one"
the proverbial 'prince charming' for me.
(Idiot little me!)
Experience really should have taught me otherwise!!!
IF by any chance you are my Prince Charming...
Where have you been???

Monday, October 24, 2005

*TWO* Down!!!

*TWO* Down!!!
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Today has been a pretty alright day and though I did miss the bus and was caught in the rain it was surprisingly alright. It was actually quite nice walking in the rain with my faithful red and yellow striped umbrella *grin* At college I handed up the Reputation Managment assignment and got back the results for my last RM assignment and I got 95/100. *HOORAH!*
Anyways after that, I went to 1U to meet up with G and Dave and we had tea at this new Chinese Hongkie type cafe as Dave wanted a clear view of the swimming pool *snicker*. After that I went for my FACES meeting and after that I went for dinner with the guys at Bangsar at a little cafe called Capri Cafe. After that, we went for drinks at NiNe @ One Bangsar which will hopefully be the venue for Spongy's b'day *yipeee*
Then I went home and cleaned my desk to prepare myself for the next couple of days and the annoy assignments which have to be handed in *bleh* - I can now see the surface of my desk. I stayed up till 4am just arranging my things and listening to music and making notes to myself on "things I have to do!".
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OH! I got one of my dream jobs!!!
Its at Papier @ The Curve. FYI: Its a scrapbooking job and I might be teaching card/scrapbooking classes... *yipeee* Which means I get to use the stuff and experiment with all the coolest tools and stuff and be surrounded with all the arts stuffs tooosss *double triple yipeee*. I will still be freelancing with FACES whilst I take on this job though I still will be finishing off my internal and final external papers. This will be a part time job and as of yet the details are not fully drawn up yet, I will see the boss only after I finish my last paper in the beginning of Novemeber. *sighs happily*
I am listening to some piano music and feeling happy and am smiling to myself like a looney... hehe... my bro just said I was useless cos I refused to help him do something. "WHATVER" I say. I should never listen to all this useless negative crap! CRAP thats what it is!!! BAH!!! Bad crap... I have had too much negativity around me. Its time to cleanse the air with happiness and joy *smiles*

Sunday, October 23, 2005

See-Saw Days

The past couple of days have been like a see-saw. One minute UP and the next DOWN. There are many things that I have to think deeply and painstakingly about, that I have decided to put them out of mind for a couple more days or unless my exams and assignments are over. The stress about thinking about these thoughts are just BAD... I have got rashes again... and my skin has seen better days (gawd I am getting vain!)

Its strange how most humans tend to dwell on sad things and things that make them worry instead of counting their blessings and looking at the brighter, better things in life. I am one of these people and I realised that its bad for me. Joyce the Fairy aptly names me, Care Bear and shes right in most ways about it and I really do hate being all worriesome and sad about things in life that go wrong.

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*Sigh* Sadly, I have seemed to have hit a snag along the way at the moment (please dont' ask what!) and am trying to deal with it but its not easy.

Turn Left or Turn Right???
Choices and more choices
with ever harder more difficult consequences to deal with.

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I wish at times that I was a child again with the most daunting task being the flavour of ice cream to choose from. I do enjoy being where I am at the moment, don't get me wrong just I wish that at times the ugly bits in life weren't so ugly and that death did not exist... but as Commonjack puts it "...we will all 'die' at some point... it is a check & balance mechanism that allows us to appreciate the advent of 'life'."

Oh yeah, took this survey just now on Personal Boundaries (click here to take it toos!) and I am in the category of "81 to 120 -- You may have a problem with setting Personal Boundaries. We suggest you give a call to The Center, Inc. for an evaluation: 1-888-771-5166."

Don't worry folks... everything is going well for me...
Reallly... Life is all a see-saw after all...
so this is the part where it evens out...
the ups and the downs... things are alright.

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Yup Yup...
Everything is going to be alright...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

*ONE* Down!!!

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~ Yipppeeee ~
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ONE down...
6 more to blardy go!!!
Am listening to the OST of 'Life As A House' and its making me weepy... Anyways, I am just so thankful that I am done with one. All I need to do is go to college, get a page printed as the coloured ink on my printer is acting wonky and then bind the whole thingy...
** lalalala **
Does help that I also got back my results and got
like 95/100 and the rest were pretty good too...
** lalalala **
Hopefully the rest will have as favourable results... *smiles*

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Its off to bed for me now...
Nights everyone...
* Sweet Dreams *

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

''' Clubbing Nights '''

These couple of weeks should have seen me stuck at home with my nose in a text book or on the computer typing out one of my assignments but strangely… this past month has seen me going to the most clubs and having a couple of really really wonderful nights. Before you guys get all pissy with me (as some of you have had numerous rain checks from me), most of my outings was for work purposes and even if it wasn't, I just really needed a fun night out. I actually need one right now!!!

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Anyways, the first club hopping night for me was on the 1st of October with the Possum and Joyce for work. We were testing margaritas. So we headed down to Jalan Doraisamy and went to the Loft and Chynna (I like these 2 places). Then we headed to Frangpani and lastly we went to Sugar Club (super sucky place). This was the first time I had been to so many clubs on one night – and to think that it was for work *grin grin* Then the Monday after that, the FACES crew and I continued our margarita testing and headed to Chilis (I loves the foods here) and TGIF (Thanks Alvin for the balloon doggy).

Then there was the outing with the guys which quite sucked but I did get to go to Bliss, Bar Fly, Espanda, Beach Club and Atmosphere… OK! So those clubs didn’t quite make the top 10 places to go to in KL but they were certainly an eye opener. To read more about the night, read No More!!!

This past Friday the 14th of October, saw me doing more reviews this time on screwdrivers (Yes, the alcoholic kind!). So the Possum and Joyce went to Shangri-La to start the night where we met up with Cats and her colleague Patrick. The first place we headed to was the Lobby Lounge which was fairly comfy and nice and they even had chips and salsa which so won my heart *smiles*. Then we headed across the road to Bar Fly where I met Duncan and then we settled for drinks at Gerai (opposite Bar Fly). The drinks so sucked which was sad because the Long Island Tea that the Possum and I had had the last time we were there was awesome! After the quick drink there we walked to Passion and then we went to Velvet and ended the night at the Loft (the Zouk one)!

I had a really good night though there were a couple of times I was pissed at the Possum for being super possessive but other than that, the night was a success. I had such fun with Cats and we were giggling and laughing a lot. I just wish at times that it was just me and Cats without having any chaperones like the Possum around. Don’t get me wrong, I love having him around, but every once in awhile I just want to have a girl’s night out.

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Then on the 15th of October, I went for YN’s sisters wedding in Overseas restaurant in Armada Hotel. All the guys and girls were smartly dressed *smiles* for the occasion. There was Spongy and Hanna, Bob, Dave (who looked super smart in a blazer and slacks), Common Jack, Ons, G, Stewie, Joanna and I and of course YN himself. I think all of us had a wonderful nightI sure did! We drank and had toasts for every little thing and of course I was tipsy. Met my old Sunday school teacher there and by that time I think I was a little wobbly and super chatty and gave the wrong info to them *blush* oh well! Wish though that the other guys could have been there, namely, Johan, Wolfie and Tiny... but I am sure there will be photos and perhaps a video or two and stories to make you guys feel as if you were already there.

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After the dinner, we decided to head down to KL to go to the Loft. So there we were dancing and drinking and having a fun time. There are bits and pieces of the night I can’t remember… like some of the things I said and some of the people that I had met. We ended the night with a drink at the mamak and then it was off home. I was super sleepy and just managed a shower before I collapsed on to the bed. Apparently before that I was SMSing and calling my friends… so for those of you who had the misfortune of having one of those calls or SMS’s my humblest apology. Feel free to bother me when you get tipsy too!

So there it is… my whole list of clubs this past month. Will be going to Jalan Doraisamy again to visit the other clubs, Luna Bar is on the list and so are a couple of places in Bangsar I suppose since most of the clubs in KL have been done already. Well just great… after listing all this down, I feel super guilty about not studying AGAIN! But honestly, I wouldn't trade those night for anything *smiles smiles smiles*

Friday, October 14, 2005

A rough day.

I have had a rough day.
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Didn't get enough work done...
Got yelled at buy my parents for no reason...
Had to do chores...
It was too noisy to blardy study...
Felt guilty that I didn't get enough work done...
Have blardy rash on my face...
Am putting on weight regardless of eating a meal less...
... and the list could go on to include the blardy ants
that are blardy annoying me and like eating everything in sight
or the fact that one minute it is hot and the next it is raining!
Maybe I am just PMSing...

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Honestly, I don't want to yell at you...
I dont' want to be called a "mother"...
I dont' want to "mother" you either...
I don't want to get upset because getting upset
because of this and all the little shitty things
that happened throughout my day stresses me
and makes me unable to study or concentrate
on the important things in life.
These days I have to be like a bloody grownup and I don't want that. I have to do more chores whilst my brother doesn't even lift a finger and my folks are starting to share all their problems with me which adds to my growing list of problems... and so I have to stop thinking about me and to think about others... HOORAH! More blardy problems which increases the feeling of "helplessness". Before I even have a job my parents are telling me the amounts I have to pay in terms of bills, loans and blah and I did a quick calculation and well with a salary of RM1600 I will about RM50 for savings if I really skimp and save *sob sob*... There goes Aussie, my DVDs, books, car, digi cam, new clothes and shoes and new hifi.
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and then you come along
and tell me that I mother you...
Seriously, if you were in my position
you would have done the same thing
or something else!
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Really, I just want peace in my life...
Concentration and wisdom to bloody get my work done...
Hope that things will get better... Faith to believe that it will
and of course Love to make all things worth while.
*I am sorry for writing that crap... but
that is how I really felt at that moment...
Actually it was much worse, but I couldn't
find words to express it...
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And to think that the day has just begun...
But I know that when I go to sleep
and when I wake up tomorrow,
everything will be okay again...
and today will be like a bad dream.

Fark You!!!

"I have had enough okay?"
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I have been accused of trying to "mother" someone.
Is it wrong to worry and to care for someone?
And you say you have had enough?
How about me and all the shit I had to put up each
and every time you hurt me and you say you are "sorry".
How the hell do you think I feel?
Do you think I am happy?
But you know what, strangely I still care for you
regardless of this shit and other shit you do or tell me...
but for each and every painful deed and word you said to me,
I wish you would feel pain a million times more
and that you feel the hurt and the helpless I have felt...
and although it is not my nature to be cruel,
I will laugh and tell you that you truly deserve it...
and honestly you will finally know how I bloody feel.
And by the way...
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*I am writing this in angry I hate you mode,
so DON'T USE this against me...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I was bored so I logged on to the iGod thingy... I was asking him about life and death and our purpose on earth and he just stopped answering me... *sigh*
Nothing worked... Bugger...
Even the iGod also don't want to talk to me... maybe he just can't answer me... *sigh*

WAY TO GO Malaysia...

Its so sad that so many disasters are happening in the world and I feel so helpless sitting here in my computer room writing and bitching about my little life while others are out there trying to make a difference. I also read in the papers that Asia's richest man donated US$500,000. Good on him! Then there was Japan who donated 71 voluenteers... I mean that is all good sending man power over there but how about cash to buy supplies and etc.??? BAH!!! Singapore another one only give US$200,000. SO freaking rich and thats all they bloody give!!! BAH BAH BAH!!!
Malaysia though stood up and gave US$1 million and sent I think 50 volueteers... hoorah!!!
WAY TO GO Malaysia...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

No more!!!

My last post on the 8/10 saw me ending the post with a pondering question to stay home to go out... and...
I went out!
Against my better judgement and no matter how many times I reasoned with myself that I should stay home and hit the books...
I went out!
This is what happened.

The guys called and said they were going clubbing and since the last outing although at a not very nice place was super fun, I decided to go again. So there I was decked out in my outfit, my heels and a clutch bag. YES... a clutch bag. They were most surprised because it is so not a *Dream Weaver* thing to carry and to own. Anyways, off we went o KL for a night out. I asked them once where we were going and I wish they had told me where this "secret" place was. Well it was 12SI!!!

12 freaking SI...
Well after going in to Atmosphere for a good 30 mins and I was bored watching the shufflers doing their "thang"... so I did the one thing that I am super good at - Daydreaming. Even though there was pounding music all around me I daydreamed away and I only drank one glass of alco that night.

After being at Atmos for about an hour, Spongy and I decided to go out to find something to eat cos he has gastric. So we went to the lok-lok stall thingy and we meet Dave there too. So there we were eating malay balls on a stick. Honestly, I think chinese balls are nicer... seriously. Even the sauce is better.

Anyways, while we were on our way back to Atmos, we met up with YN and G and since we told them that malay balls sucked we decided to go back without food. I had actaully already planned with Spongy to go club hopping around that area for fun and he said okay but then he walked too fast and I lost him, so G and I went to all the different clubs simply because there was nothing to do and as the famous saying goes "When you are given lemons, make lemonade".

1st Stop: Beach Club... G dragged me onto the podium and we started dancing amongst the ang mohs and etc. It was fun and all though the place was filled with expats and what looked like GRO's... bleh! After about 15 mins we left.

2nd Stop: Espanda... Gawd... that place was really nice inside. I was suprised that eventhough everything was so nice there was like only 7 people there. Yup 7!!! G was dancing alone on the dance floor for a couple of seconds and then we left.

3rd Stop: Bliss... I walked up the stairs and entered Bliss with G right behind me... and then I saw them... HOT HOT guys some topless with sweat glimmering off them... and then it hit me... I was the only girl there. G was dragging my hand then and pulling me down the stairs. Bleh!!! BLASTED... HOT GUYS wasted!!! I also saw my uni friend there and he invited me up there... as if I could ever blend in - BAH! Someone should have told me it was for males only!!!

4th Stop: BarFly... I think out of all the clubs this was the most decent and since I have been there a couple of times, not so "shock" anymore.

5th Stop: Back to idiot ATMOS!!! That place sucks now. SOme of the guys and I felt old and though the night was super long, I was amused a little by some of the dancers who looked like they were trying to avoid cockaroaches. Was pleasantly surprised by Gazza who danced pretty darn well out of all of us.

To end the long shitty night, it was raining when we wanted to go home. I had to bloody run in my freaking heels in the rain and my heels had bits of sand and shite in them and I was soaked and looked like a bed-rangled mouse *sniff* Not that anyone would notice since they were happy and high after drinking 2 bottles.

So I should have stayed home, studied and had an early night listening to the rain falling outside the window... DANG! Hadlah to be the idiot running in the freaking rain!!!
No more Atmos guys...
No more!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

A long day...

Today has been a rather long day...
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~ Had breakfast with Eric and bitched about Life and talked about books, writing and the usual crap we talk about. *smile* It was nice finally meeting up with you and talking... its been awhile. We should do this again after my blardy assignments yeah?

~ Went for a FACES editorial meeting and made a big boo boo with regards to a friends name... quite farnee actually.

~ My dad picked me up from the meeting and we went to a pet store in TTDI. There were so many wonderful pets there just waiting to be bought. There were 3 adorable baby monkeys with adorable blue eyes, tortoises with large toadstool like shells, an albino python and a normal patterned brown one, two crabs, a blue-tongued skink, an iguana, a couple of guinea pigs, some really huge rabbits, some small lion head rabbits (I want one!), many many hamsters (all kinds), little love birds, a couple of parakeets, a couple of black mynah birds, baby terrapins (soooo cute) , nasty smelly cats and lots and lots of fishes. We bought 3 small round goldfish and a white goldfish with little orange dots around its face (looked like eyeshadow and lipstick) and a limp disfigured fin... it looked so pitiful had to buy it!

~ Went to La Bodega in Bangsar for tea with the Possum and had a yummy one at that.

~ Went to some clothes shops in Bangsar and the Possum got me my first "real" skirt - hoorah! Thanks yous Possums. Then we both went to Denise wine and then it was back home for me...
Image hosted by
And here I am sitting infront of the PC wondering rather forlornly if I should go out and find something to do or if I should go up to my room and start reading my text books.
The first option sounds so much better though...
Decisions... decisions... *sigh*

Friday, October 07, 2005

First for October 2005

At the moment I am in college waiting for my tutorials to start. All the instructions and buttons on my web browser at the moment, from my yahoo account to friendster and etc. is in Chinese characters and its strange to see all of them instead of the usual English. Yes... Idiot Banana person that I am *Bleh*

As Piggy Lainie pointed out, there has not been any updates and YES its that time of the month again. Not crimson tides time, but more of the BLOODY work, Uni work to be exact *Bleh Bleh Bleh*. I am my 2/3 period of my Uni life and honestly I can't wait for it to end. I did a time table thingy for myself so that I could plan my time more effectively and hopefully get everything done without the need for extensions...

...and the timetable thingy looks HORRIBLE!!!

Image hosted by

It has nothing but bright ORANGE words signalling the dates and the assignments that need to be done. BUGGERS! Its badlah... looks like I can't go out much anymore... and to think that there are so many movies and things that I want to do *sniff sniff*

After this whole chunk of work is out of the way, there is my FINAL written exam on the first week of November and then my final project which is the BIG KAHUNA of an assignment which is the LAST EVER paper I will do :) I can't help but grinning widely when I think of it being the LAST, yet at the same time it is a whole different thing when I have to bloody do it... and you know what the sickening thing is, I think that I will miss "this" all "this" stupid studying, assignments and tests and blah... YES, I am queer!!!

Oh yeah... I nearly missed my mid-term paper . I "ter" tekan my phone alarm and continued sleeping. The Possum called 45 minutes before the exam to wish me luck only to find me still asleep in bed. Of course he shouted, I got a good yelling at and he came and picked me up to deposit me at college. Thank God I made in time, with 3 mins to spare too. Thank God for that. Thanks Possum. I owe you one!

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Well after thinking about all this depressing news about assignments and exams and blah blah... I think to myself that atleast I will have a wonderful Christmas and before that a holiday in Singapore after my exams. And I will be in Singapore before Christmas so I get to see the wonderful lights and deco for Christmas - hoorah!!! But this Christmas there are going to be changes.

I guess that is unevitable...
change is unevitable.

Gerard who is my bowling and hanging out buddy during the day after college usually is leaving to the US *bah*. I honestly am happy that he is going to go over there to study but I can't help but miss him when he is gone. We do such nonsense things togetherlah... OK... so maybe more often than not I suggest it to him, but then we do have such fun together... *sniff* Then there will be the miss of the happening parties he throws toos... *sigh sigh sigh*
Who is going to layan me now???

But the good bit this Christmas is that I will have Cats with me *grin* and Marina is coming back too - Hoorah! *grin grin*. We are going to start belting Il Divo in Banana Leaf la and sing carols on top of out lungs too... I can't wait. Of course there will be Christmas Eve Midnight Mass (the best mass of the year) and hopefully I can drag my friends to go with me this year... any takers?

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See Elainey, nothing that interesting happening in my life... and even if there were, its nothing GREAT or "WOW". Met up with a friend... I guess you can call him that. DC and I had an alright time at the mamak today though I felt that I had changed much since I last saw him some 2 years ago. Well... its was good to see him again in some ways but in others, well it was unsettling... but alls good now that I am in the safe, rather dirty confines of my colleges computer room. I have another 4 hours of class to look forward to... BAH!!! and nothing couple more asssignments and etc. BAH BAH BAH!!! (sounds like how a disgruntled sheep might sound).
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