Sunday, October 03, 2010

Planning + Daydreaming

For most of yesterday and today morning, I have been going through numerous saved links on Bali touristy sites for my upcoming trip to Bali. Planning an itinerary is no easy feat especially when you want to:
a) cram as much things you want to see/visit into the trip
b) ensure that while on said holiday you are not tired out and stressed 
c) need to ensure good time management

So, yes. I have been busy looking not only for touristy sites but preparing a rough itinerary for the whole trip. This includes, the daily activities, possible spa venues, good food spots and of course some shopping places. I also sourced for tour guides and am waiting for two to get back to me. The quote recieved so far is very reasonable, so am quite pleased. Will hopefully select a guide by mid-week.

This trip is something that I have been looking forward to for ages and ages. It has always been one of my "have to visit destinations" and finally I will be going *woot woot* Thank you God. We will be staying in Ubud and Seminyak so that we will be able to enjoy the different environment that each location brings. 

Will be going shortly to buy more stuff for the trip. One of my big splurges for the trip is a pair of sunnies - my very first pair that has powered lenses *yipee* Have also bought an additional camera battery and memory card, a swimsuit thingy, a couple of tops and sun screen. This trip, I am promising myself that I will pack in advance so that I don't scramble at the last minute. It's uber stressful to pack at the last minute. 

Anyways, B is on his way and we will be heading to the Curve shopping centre for an afternoon of shopping! *grin grin* Do look out for my posts on Bali later on in the month. Am hoping to be able to take many good photos and have a really relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Thank you God for making all this possible.

*Photos taken from Google images.

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putu bali tour guide said...

Reading your post, I can feel your great expectation and excitement for your upcoming Bali holiday. Weather is bright now in Bali. Come over quickly..
Nice blog, make me feel calm and wanting to smile. (What' Eeyore doing here?)

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