Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bali Adventure #6 - Breakfasts in Villa Sarna

I heart the mornings that we spent in Bali particularly those that we spent in Ubud. I come from the city so there is never a good moment to sit outside to have breakfast... so having breakfast on a balcony in Villa Sarna was a real treat. The breakfast was scrumptious and simple. For both days I opted for the English breakfast, an omelet with mushrooms and cheese and sausages. There was also cinnamon doughnuts, fresh coffee, juice and fruit. Such joy to read and enjoy the calming views of green *smiles*

I would really love to be back in Ubud. Taking a leisurely stroll. Stopping for drinks or local food.
Browsing through little shops selling things I would not really need ~ BLISS!!! 
 I also had some time to just walk around Villa Sarna to take photos of the pretty flowers that were growing, so enjoy them photos, k? If you would like high res photos for your desktop or for print, do let me know.

As mentioned in my earlier post about Villa Sarna, we stayed there for a two nights and then traveled to Seminyak to live in a luxurious villa. We wanted to experience staying in these two different areas - the quiet, gentle and green Ubud and the lively, touristy Seminyak (more on that later).

A Saturday afternoon is stretching before me. I am stretching lazily and waiting for B to buy us all lunch. We are having Jackson crab burgers today - they are one of the bestest burgers I have ever eaten! I can't wait. Been playing with Belle the whole day - she's really affectionate today.

So whilst I wait for them burgers, I will be uploading more pics and things on FB and my blog. Enjoys and have an awesome weekend ahead *smiles*

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