Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bali Adventure #2 - Villa Sarna & Ubud

Villa Sarna... serene, calming, green, secluded, friendly, relaxing.
That's how I would describe this little hide away in Ubud. 

Before settling on Villa Sarna, I trawled the internet for possible places to stay and somehow nothing quite seemed to fit our budget and our liking until I stumbled upon Villa Sarna.

Villa Sarna is located in Ubud, very very close to the rice terraces that are so popular. It's not near the central Ubud town area but a good 15-2o minutes drive away but it was worth it to me though the road to Villa Sarna was a little daunting since the villa is located on a hill and one would need to go up hill and down and a little ways to reach the villa. Don't worry though, the staff at the villa will see to your transportation needs. Other than that, I loved the tranquility, the sounds of mother nature and the friendliness of the staff. I also enjoyed the privacy and the fact that there were no children running around (not that, I don't like children, just that peace and quiet were very much welcomed for our trip). 

If I could stay here again, would I, you ask... Yes and Yes again, though this time I would stay in the villa longer instead of just as a place to rest my head. This place is uber calming and its really a respite for me, a city girl. Besides that, the simplicity of the villa and of the greens, flowers and statues around the villa grounds made me feel happy. The breakfast they served was pretty tasty too I have to say. So, all in all, 9 stars to Villa Sarna *smiles smiles* Enjoys the pics!

* A lovely area to sit by the pool. 
You can also get a massage here *

* We sat here in the night, just staring at the stars - 
I felt so close to God then *

* A creative bookshelf made from wood - 
I would like one of these *

* Whiskey the resident doggle 
was a very friendly lovable dog  *

* The little balcony from my room that overlooked the villa *

* On her way to make the daily offerings *

* The pool at night was cold and inviting *

* We played Monopoly Deal by the pool. It drizzled when we were playing and one of the staff from the hotel, came and offered us mugs of hot green tea. We were surprised by this thoughtful and kind gesture and welcomed the drinks gladly - it was great just sipping hot green tea, playing a card game I enjoy heaps and just listening to the sounds of nature around us. We also had a surprise guest, a little froggy that jumped on my friend and hung around a little to observe us as we played our game *

* Views from our room *

* Breakfast 1 @ the villa was simple and delicious. 
A great way to start the morning! *

* Pretty flora and fauna at the villa *

* Breakfast #2 - equally as good *

All too soon we had to leave Villa Sarna as we were going to Seminyak which was located about a 2.5 hour drive away from Ubud. Seminyak is a more touristy, noisier and more commercialised part of Bali. 

To be honest, Ubud is the real Bali. You get to see how the Balinese people live and you see their real life without any glamour and glitz. 

Now, if I had any regrets about my stay in Ubud, it would be that I did not allocate enough time to wander around the streets in Ubud or to poke around to look at the different shops and the architecture or to just enjoy the simplicity and calm-ness of this place. 

For my next trip (whenever that will be), I will definitely be spending more time in Ubud. This is real must visit place when you holiday in Bali.


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