Saturday, November 06, 2010


I don’t have many girlfriends.

I don’t know why but it was always tough trying to hold on to a friendship with the female species. It took extra effort and sometimes I was too sensitive or jealous or just not good enough friend material I suppose or we drifted apart or we got involved in friend politics as I call it.

So over the years, I never had very many girl friends, though the ones that I had made are all very precious people to me.

And then somehow, when I started working, I happened to make some pretty good friends. Friends with whom I could talk to about work, life, love and everything in between. These friendships made me smile and I was happy to have people to share my life with other than my boy friends who sometimes never really understood what it was like being a girl. 

I really do think however, that it would be so awesome if I had more girlfriends because I don't think you can ever have too many girlfriends *smiles*

Anyways, as fate would have, I was able to catch up with some of my girlfriends - which was just awesome.

I went with Val to Empire shopping centre where we talked, had lunch at Italiannis, scoped out the Empire hotel ballroom for a possible wedding dinner venue, shopped for clothes at Dorothy Perkins, looked through fashion magazines and chit chatted and lastly but not the least, having a good cup of coffee and cake at Whisk!

I hungout with Jilly Bean and we went to the Curve for book browsing, shopping for this and that and then having tea at the Apartment.

I went for Tooty Fruity yoghurt with Jess and Debs whom I had not seen in months and we talked about the old hovel that I used to work in and we caught up with each other. It was good to just meet up with them.

I had a good time with Mel during our little CHOICE retreat (of sorts). We managed to talk quite a bit though the environs was not conducive for a full on gossip session.

I guess I can’t quite count lunch with my boss and another colleague of ours, but I will. They aren’t ‘friends’ per se, but it was still fun to have lunch with them, talking about clothes, and gossip at work and blablabla. We had lunch at Dome in Pavillion and they were setting up for a big fashion show, so we got to see these bizarre fashion pieces being carted in on silver clothes racks. They were just… ODD! I wouldn’t have touched them with a stick!

So yea… I still need to make time to see some old high school friends and Meows and perhaps even Dira – its been more than a year since we met.

Girlfriends – Love thems!

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