Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I am a biscuit person

I am a biscuit person. 
It is a treat to read or watch DVDs while munching on 
these delectable baked treats.

*yum yums*
I can just taste them.

My favourite biscuits of all time are general
chocolate chip cookies - Famous Amos Macadamia rocks my socks off off off!!!

However, of late I have developed a taste for citrusy things
mostly lemon and orange.
Hence why my hands gravitated to the new biscuits offered by 
Marks and Spencers the 
All Butter LEMON Shortbread Thins.

These treats are just divine.
Not too sweet that you worry about diabetes.
Not too citrusy that you worry about your gastic.
and its not too thick and not too dry.
It's also conveniently packed into 3 packets with 
4 shortbread thins in each pack.
Its jut perfect to me.
However, I can't say the same for the price 
which is quite high.

But really, these shortbread thins are so worth it.
B who is not quite a cookie lover agreed it was good too.

Can't wait to stock up on this and nibble them 
on my trip tomorrow.
Am going to Kuching for work and am ever hopeful
that the event will be a great success. 

Am also optimistic that I can bake some of these 
lovely treats. I have bought a couple of books on baking
and should really start baking something.
*smiles* Anyways, if you like citrusy delights 
or are just a fan of biscuits, this is a real trea for any day of the weekt!!!

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