Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A rather long and eventful day

Today was a rather long and eventful day. The kind of day when I look back and realise that there are few regrets and many high points. It is the sort of day that makes me smile wider and wish more fervently that all days could be like this but I guess if every day was so good it would be less appreciated. 

As I type this, I try to put aside the list of things that I gnawing at my mind (mainly work stuff) and I listen instead to the snoring of my dear Belly (she is snoring rather loudly today and fast asleep and so tired that she didn't bother to greet me when I came home which is a rare thing indeed for this little beagle!).

I enjoyed today immensely because I got to wake up late, read a book in my jammies, play with Belly, eat curry puffs for lunch, drink grape juice from a box and pad around like a zombie for a couple of hours. I then went for a lovely body massage (though it was too short a time I thinks!) and ear candling session with B and then proceeded to go to Tropicana City Mall for a snack and coffee. 
We tried the new Chick King from UAE and well, its a KFC duplicate except that it doesn't taste like KFC. In fact, it was pretty tasteless and the chicken tasted like a refried day old chicken. The service needed to be improved as well. I give them a year to survive as I am ever hopeful. B gives them 6 months. It's a pity that I found out that my camera was flat when I switched it on. I wanted to document the day for B but alas... it was not to be.

The next shop we visited was the arts and crafts shop Scrapbook Memories  which B wanted to visit (how cool is that, not having to ask to go there this time round!) to buy a gold leaf pen. I browsed the store, ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing as I played the "touch and put down" game. There were a number of very pretty things that I fancied but I think the prices there are inflated. So after buying B's pen, we proceed to go to Starbucks for a taste of Christmas. I just love their Christmas drinks. Two Christmases I ago, they had this dark cherry drink which was just awesomeness!!! but then the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha is pretty good too. Btw, I am short of 8 stamps to get the organiser this year, anyone who wants to buy me coffee or who wants to donate their stamps to me, do let me know *snickers*

Dinner with the malats followed suit. Most of the malats were there though it was such an impromptu event - thanks for coming all! The Chinese dinner was excellent. We had fried kam heong lala, tofu, vegetables, mantis prawns, pork knuckles, bbq pork, champagne chicken, sliced fish with ginger and erm... I think that was about it. Frontera was of course the choice for after dinner drinks. I really think that we should have our own corner there and a discount card the way we always celebrate occasions there and all that. At the Front, we played a couple of rounds of Monopoly Deal and chitchatted though it was an early night for all for most of us. 

Yes, a full day indeed, huh? So, I came home and went online to blog and facebook and all that. I sent out invitations for a Christmas party and a wedding brainstorming cum Christmas party. Let's all hope that these events do materialize. I love planning parties and stuff and enjoy colour coordinating things. It's just lovely. It would be nice to have more time and $$ to organize these things. Perhaps when I have my own place with B, who knows.

I also had a long chat with B, which I will share with you one day. However, there were three things that stood out today... they are:
1) There is such an awesome release  that follows when you decide to tell the truth. And what a relief it is to have someone not judge you or think any less of you after you have said the things you needed to say.
2) Sometimes, it is not about what we want but what other people want. If there is some small kindness that we can bestow upon someone, we should. Simply because that small gesture might mean so much to someone and we can really make a difference that person's life no matter how small or insignificant the act.
3) I have grown up.

Goodnight... or is it good morning, all *smiles*

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