Thursday, November 24, 2005

Felt A Little Bored

What Do Guys Like About You?
They like it that you are sensitive...

And not in that "cry at a drop of a hat" sort of way.You just get most guys - even if you're not trying to.Guys find it is easy to confide in you and tell you their secrets.No wonder you tend to get close quickly in relationships!
Is that so? Guys like me because I am sensitive???
I find that quite amusing.
I thought that it repelled guys the way I get "too emotional"...
I guess the part where I am easy to confide
to is quite true though most of the time
I get thrown into the friendship zone...
getting close in relationships are great --
if only the relationships would last longer... *emotional*

What John Cusack movie are you?
~ Serendipity ~
Okays... this is like SO true! I loved the show
and so believe in this sort of "love-and-happy-endings"
kind of stuff. I think that this movie is
seriously soppy and super romantic. I like!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hope on the Horizon...

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Today has been a productive day *smiles* and I am happy with that.
Yesterday has been put away and
tomorrow is going to be a busy busy day
with much hope on the horizon...
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Dearest Spongy and Ant,
Hope you both have a wonderful birthday
and may God bless the both of you.

Last n|ght ~~*

Last night I felt like talking to someone…

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So I took out my trusty hand phone and scrolled down my phonebook…

Pass the A’s, B’s, C’s, D's, E's ...…
and the more I scrolled,
the more I felt this deep pain in my heart
like someone was squeezing it with a fist.
My throat felt dry and
my eyes starting getting blurry with unshed tears.
When I reached the last name,
I realized that there was no one I could call.
No one who I could talk to about the things
that went through my mind at that moment.

How sad…
So many names, so many faces, so many memories…
but no one to really call to talk to, no one to reassure me one more time. Perhaps I drove people away with my strange ways, maybe I have not been a good friend as well… maybe that’s why when I reach the end of the phonebook, there is still no one I can call.

So, I took out my pen and did what I should have done earlier…
I wrote and I wrote and wrote some more until my wrist ached,
and my fingers ached from gripping the pen and my eyes hurt from the tears that fell, and finally, my heart was empty of emotions and my mind from all thoughts and worries.

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And its enough for now…

I close my diary with the sticker of a silver tree in winter on it and turn of the lights, close my eyes and pray for peace and for unfulfilled dreams and faith that in time, things will be better.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Phew... The weekend is here or almost here anyway. Finally finished my FACES work after much panicking as there was no electricity and the client had yet to send me more info. Rush - Panic - Breathe! So now, I just have to find a company to conduct my thesis on, finish my New Editing assignment and the exam and I am done… *hoorah*
Oh yes. I got an A for Reputation Management *smiles smiles smiles*

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Am happy but at the back of my mind I am praying that I pass the other two papers but worrying about it will not get me anywhere (trying to repeat that to myself every few minutes) so, am waiting and hoping and of course praying that the results will be favorable.

The past couple of days have been really busy busy busy. If I am not in college, I am at home finishing up work and stuff. My room has still yet to be cleaned and hopefully, I will get it done tomorrow. I managed to read a couple of books as well… *hehehe* (my bad), but couldn’t resist its temptations.

Just had my lunch of a yummy cheese and mushroom sausage and a slice of bread (I sadly found some green mould growing on another slice) and for desert Black and White M&M’s which have been expired for 10 months. I was saving it for a special occasion but none came that made me feel like having them... and eventhough its like expired, it still tastes good *hahaha* Gonna go have a bath and read or something.

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Miss you guys whom I have not hung out with in ages… *sniffles*
but these are *~~...Happy Carefree Days... ~~*

Thursday, November 17, 2005

God Loves Me Part II

Its 8.28am and I am awake. YES!!! I actually woke up at 7.12am *gasp* Really, I am shocked myself. This is the earliest I have woken up in like months. Usually I sleep at this time - thankfully there are only a few days of those late-nighters left - *hoorah*

These past few days have seen my fingers itch towards to the keyboard to type down my thoughts (which there have been many) and my daily going-abouts. I also have some photos to put up which I haven’t had the chance too because they need editing and stuff and I just didn’t have time to do it and when I did have time there was always something more urgent and important that needed my attention first, like my new stack of magazines and books.

Anyways, I just got back from the emigration office. I got there early about 7.40am prepared with a sandwich, my trusty pack of Rocky which have yet to consume (only for dire situations), my latest scrapbook mag, my latest novel by the author of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, my MP3 player and a note pad to doodle and write ‘inspirational thoughts’.
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When I got to level 2, I was disappointed to see a line snake around to the end with about 70 odd people in it and about 30 people already seated patiently with the newspapers. I took out my slip of paper and walked resolutely to counter 18 as the slip said to do just that “Aras 2, Kauter 18”. When I reached said counter, there was no one there so I thought that I had to get behind that ever expanding line of people, when I noticed someone in counter 17 and asked him if I was correct and that I had to be in counter 18. He took the slip of paper and said “Tuggu yea” and walked off. I stood there like an idiot with my striped yellow and red umbrella and my huge bag and waited.

He came back low and behold with my passport and some documents in his hand and blah blah blah and like 5 minutes I was done. First customer of the day it seems *grin grin grin* I think the people in the snakey line were not pleased and shot me dirty looks. Sorrylah!!! But I had done my passport in the little kiosk and thus had the privilege of getting my passport faster.

So time spent to make and get back the passport – I went to make the passport on Tuesday – was only 30 minutes. *hoorah hoorah* And I heard to many horror stories about lining up for hours. My poor dad was there for almost 3 hours and he had a special line for senior citizens at that. I called him when I got home and he was like "yeah, cannot find the place ah?”
I was like “No… am on my way home!”
He was like “How can?” I said “Fastleh” and he laughed and said bye.

I am sure God loves me *smiles*
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So here I am in these early hours of the morning eating my sandwich and blogging. Hmm… what to do… what to do… I think I will go read my book and wait for the sun to emerge from behind the clouds. Enjoy reading the next few entries *smiles* and I hope that you all will have a wonderful day/week ahead of yous.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Monday and Tuesday

Walk Walk Walk...
I went for a food review at Bernards @ Centrepoint on the 14th and decided to take a cab there. The freaky cab driver locked the doors and drove super fast and missed the turning up to Bandar Utama and I freaked out and told him to bloody stop driving. By that time he was near the NKVE toll. So I got out for the freaking cab handed him 5 bucks too the change and slammed the door and stood there next to the highway.

I had to get to Bernard's, so I walked… and walked and walked from the highway to Bernards in the blazing hot sun amidst the tooting of horns and the lewd calls of “ah moi” from various men *bleh* When I reached Bernards, I was like super duper sweaty and was like dying from the heat. “Ice water I croaked to the bartender, and the nice fella gave me a lovely icy glass filled with delicious lemon tasting ice water.

The food review was overwhelming. There were eleven dishes and between Joyce, Rachael (the new intern) and I, we still couldn’t finish. Damn jelaklah to even look at the food *arghhhh*

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Gawd I look sick and stuffed... bad bad bad combination!!!
(Taken by Joyce the Fairy)

Anyways, after the huge feast and Spikes interesting tales, we all went back to the office. My bro picked me up after that and we went to SS2 pasar malam to pass the time while waiting for my mums to come back from the LRT. We had a found a lovely parking and so my bro went to the side and waited but some idiot came and zipped right in to our place. My bro wanted to get tout of the car and yell at those rude peeps but I told him not too and to just go away. He was like “Why you always like that, let people walk all over you?” *bah humbug* I was like “What you talking about?” He replied nothing and just drove around SS2 to look for a spot but as usual that place was a mess and in the end of course we didn’t get to go to the pasar malam. Idiot lady (damn shy that it had to be freaking lady some more)!!!

Oh yeah... I am not a doormat!
I am not…
I don't let people walk all over me...
OK... maybe just around the edges... *Sigh Sigh*

Productive Tuesday
I woke up quite early today (the 15th) and went to do my passport in Damansara Heights. I thought that I would be there for some time, but the kiosk was working and it took about 15 minutes. I then decided that I would take a cab to Bangsar LRT and then stop at Sentral and then take a monorail till B.Bintang. So I did just that and went to Sg.Wang to return my DVDs which were so not clear – idiot liar man!

After that, I met my cousin and we walked around Starhill, Lot 10, Isetan and blah and then decided to go to Green Lotus where I was going to do my food review since I was sleepy and the sun was making it worse. We took some time finding the place but it was worth it. Green Lotus is really nice and the food there was delicious and affordable too. The fruit and vege drinks were just yummy and refreshing too... it was so hot I think I downed like 4 glasses.

Five huge platters of food later, several drinks and wonderful conversation between, my cousin, Joyce, KF (the manager) and we left. I got home decided on a princess shower and in the evening that I walked out – it was pretty dark – rather quickly to the bus stop where I took the Metro 99 to MidValley. I met the rest of the FACES crew in Chilis and after dinner, we went to GSC for the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. *** WARNING: For those of you who plan to watch it and don’t want to hear my two cents, stop reading.

Honestly, I felt it deserved 7.5/10 and I felt the ending was too abrupt. There should have been something “more”. Some big BANG!!! Not some measly farewells and promises to write soon. BAH! Sounds more like something out of an Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series where they have to go back at end of term. The merpeople also quite ugly and Voldemort has no nose... gawd!!! Why can't the fella have a nose??? Some of the storyline also quite changedlah but I guess its not too bad... But go watch itlah 'cos the books were good and because it will entertain you... just don't have your hopes too high like mine were (I NEVER learn!) I will be watching it again toos as the seats we had “were not that good” to put it mildly. got home about 12.30am and was pleasantly tired but felt happy that my days were getting more productive, though I felt piggish for having two food reviews in two days… I feel like a doughnut.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Zouk Abuse!!!

I got an email this morning and a link to this site. You guys should read it...
Some of you might wonder... is it real? Or perhaps its just some fabricated story to get back at a Zouk for some petty reason. I can't verify the autenticity of this though the story came out in the malay mail... but I believe that things like that do happen and it is our responsiblity to help others for the next time it could very well be us.
I sent the link to some friends on MSN and some guy (name witheld) had the nerve to tell me that they deserved it "who asked him to go drinking when he is sick". To that comment I say "FARK YOU"... dont' tell me that eventhough you were sick you have never done anything or gone out with your friends before??? He is no longer on my list. Insensitive piece of shit. Idiot!!!
Perhaps this entry would not have made a difference in you lives, maybe you will just shrug it off and say "not my business" or maybe its a media stunt by Zouk's competitors as someone pointed out... who knows??? But maybe, just maybe it will change you and make you step up to do something... I don't know. I dont' think I will be going to Zouk for some time to come.
I just want to leave you with this thought,
If you were in trouble... would you not want someone to help you?

Jesus Loves Me!!!

I am home now... the common cold that was bugging me this afternoon and evening along with the slight fever and headache which sounded like Chinese techno music in my head is all but gone. Thank you God and thanks to the folks who called, smsed or left msgs on my blog to congratulate me or to wish me well *Smiles Smiles*

Anyways, more news... I was home today after the boring news editing class and drinking my hot orange tea to soothe my irritating throat when my boss Editor Ian called. He told me that he would be sending me and the Possum to Singapore. It would be a 2 day thingy because Cineleisure Singapore would be opening and they would cover all our expenses. The trip would be on the 24-25 Nov '05 and he thought I could extend my stay there and have my long awaited holiday then too. He didn't know that I had planned to go to Singapore on the 25th Nov... and when I told him he laughed and he said "Jesus really loves you lah!" and I think so too.

(this deserves a big hoorah because
I love movies and I love Singapore!)
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I can't wait... *smiles smiles*

Dinner at Fandangos @ Hartamas with Yews and the gang for his birthday was pretty fun though I am a little lagging in my thoughts thanks to the meds I took to ensure the nasty common cold would dissappear! But the food was alright and the cappucino I had was just delicious. The photos of course will be up when I get the pics from Nic.

Anyways, I have to go now and do my assignment which I am freaking out about. Wish me lucks folks. I need it!!! *God will be with me but then I guess I need the "smarts" too* And for those of you that dont' know, eventhough the 'fark you' posts are more frequent these days, I am still a huge believer in God and I know that He loves me... ahhh... how nice it is to feel and to know His love and His blessings on us each and everyday of our lives. Its so true the saying
"When God closes a door, He opens a window".
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I pray that each of you have a blessed week ahead of you
and I hope that you all feel the presence and
love of God in every second of the day *smiles*

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Common Cold Blues...

I have the common cold!!!

At college at the moment and am an hour early for class --> trust me I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to but then my bro could only drop me at this time so I am not one to turn down a free ride to horrid boring bloody classes. Have been stuffing myself with WOODS extra stong lozenges and my throat is numb - I guess its better than it being itchy. My nose on the other hand is stuffed and red from all the sneezing and blowing *sigh sigh*

*Sigh Sigh*

I need TLC!!!

Possum!!! I need *hugsss*

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Okay... maybe I should quit whining and the common cold and the icky symptoms will be gone as well! I can't wait... hoorah!!! Actually I am worried about my last assignment. My request for an extension has not been granted yet and I am patiently waiting for them to reply. I am seriously freakin outlah!!! Like super freakout!!! Whats more itchy fingers here went to the online site to check her results which I told myself not to until December 'cos thats when all the results will be out... but NO!!! Had to bloody check... Idiot *Dream Weaver*.

I got one result back and I got an A!!!


but then again its not like a huge *HOORAH* reason being it was a weak A. The borderline one... and to think that it was 'Journlism Publication' ---> I guess this proves I can't write for shit... *sob sob*

I think I am having the common cold blues
I just want to go home...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Long Holiday

The past few days have been... WONDERFUL ---> okay, so there were a couple of unpleasant bits... but overall the long stretch of holidays was wonderful though sadly my wallet is much thinner than it used to be before the holidays and to think its jus the 2nd week of November - GAH!!! I need cash quick or I may just have to start selling my stuff *sobbers*

Anyways, back to happier thoughts ~ the whole stretch of holidays was great as my folks were on leave and I got to spend time with them and of course the Possum had holidays too which was great too. So, here is a short update of what I have been up too because I have to get back to doing my grotty assignment *bleh*

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Deepavali ~ I didn't go for All Saint's day mass (my bad) but instead lazed around at home and went to my aunties house in the afternoon. After a light dinner at my aunts house, I went to the Possums house and we went to Du Viet @ Bangsar Village and then a short grocery stop at Village Grocers where we got Orangina and Tangs *yums*

1st day of Hari Raya ~ In the morning I had to sit for my Manufacturing Culture paper (can you believe it an exam on Raya!) and after that I went to 1Utama to meet Sum Ye for her belated birthday. It was good catching up with her. In the evening, I went toAizat's house which has a wonderful view of BU and beyond. The food was delicious and it was even more delicious as we ate in the garden with a superb view. I had all my fav foods there: Curry Mee, Roti and some beef type thingy (don't know what you calls it - not rendang!), chocolate cake, lagsana and F&N Blast *yum yum*
After that the whole gang went to the Fun Fair that is beside BU. We had fun playing those games though damn geram when I couldn't win this cutes bear... Sat on the Ferris Wheel and some other ride with the Possum but didn't feel up to sit the rest as the Possum and I had eaten too much. At the end of the day, the Possum came over and we talked and played cards for awhile and then he went home.

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2nd day of Hari Raya ~ We went to my uncles house in Shah Alam with my other rellies and we had a good time there (the pics for stuff will be up... when I get them donelah or when the respective people send them to me). It was good to see my cousins again after so long. After lunch, I went to the Possums house and had a nap and then proceeded to go to Sg. Wang for Teppenyaki and DVD shopping - we bought 11 of which 4 doesn't work or isn't clear - bugger man lied to me AGAIN!!!-- Idiot! After that we walked to Borders and I met Borders Boy and browsed through some scrapbook books... and YES I succumbed to buying a book. It was a comic/satirical book -- its super super fuuny! Serious... *smiles* The the Possum and I went to Bangsar for a drink but the shops we wanted to go to were closed so we ended up at Chilis where we had juice and beer and long talks till closing time.
3rd Day of Raya ~ Woke up late *blush* and read a book. After that, went for mass at SIC with the Possum and his grandparents only to find out that they had confirmation mass so it was super long and super boring!!! We left after communion and went to Klang for steamboat. I met R there, but don't want to talk about him. After dinner, we met Cats and WJ at TGIF @ The Curve. Then it was back to the Possums' house for a movie marathon.
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4th Day of Raya ~ The Possum and I woke up late and decided to go to Sushi King for a late lunch. The weather was wonderfully lazy, drizzle and dull grey skies - so perfect for a day indoors. After having sushi, we went to Giant to buy groceries and I met Pegs and we watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" which was sadly not as scary as I thought and not as good. After the movie, I went to the Possums place for dinner. He cooked pasta which was just damn nicelah. Not to side him or anything but it was just damn nice!!! *smiles* Thanks you Possum! After a really delicious dinner, I finally went home and read my book and relaxed after a long week.
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I am so going to pay for all this fun and gameslah. I have a blardy assignment due and FACES work to complete. BAH!!! Me and my sad sad procrastination problem... but then I guess it was all worth it in the end. I loved almost every minute of the whole week - may there be more happy moments such as these in the days to come. And to my Muslim and Hindu friends, I know this is late but "Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya".

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

*FOUR Down* (grin grin)

Another one down…
* Smiles Smiles Smiles *
I finally sat for the dreaded Manufacturing Culture
written examination on the 1st day of raya.
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Just a couple more to goes......
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