Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bali Adventure #7 - Pura Kehen: The Temple of Fire

On our second full day in Bali, we also visited Pura Kehen, the The Temple of Fire which is located in Bangli (In Bangli btw, there is a place very much like Tanjung Rambutan where they send the mentally disturbed and unstable - no we did not visit that area if you are wondering!).

One of the most valued temples in Bali, Pura Kehan is really awesome to behold. Before entering the temple, we had to don sarongs and sashs, which btw does nothing to flatter the figure. As we entered the temple area, it was quiet and calming and a breeze was blowing which was great as it was quite hot.

In one of the courtyards, we saw that the walls of the temple was decorated with pretty blue and white Chinese cups and dishes. I have no clue what that meant and was a little camera happy so I didn't really pay attention to Yandi our tour guide who I am sure gave us some background information about Pura Kehan.

The whole area was peaceful and the leaves of the banyan tree swished in the breeze as we walked around the courtyards and I noticed there were some swastika symbols used in decorations around the temple. There was also lovely carvings and awesome statutes. If you are wondering what temples to visit in Bali (there are many many temples in Bali), I would recommend this one. Not because I visited it, but because it is one of the bigger ones in Bali and is so very pretty in a distressed way. Enjoy the photos all *smiles* 

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