Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Solitary Lunch

It's quiet here in the office. If you discount the click clack click tap tap of my keyboard. Surprisingly, everyone is out for lunch today.

I decided that today would be solitary lunch day since B is busy and I didn’t quite fancy eating with the colleagues and because I need to go to the branch in about 15-20 minutes time.

Its quiet in the office – most times I enjoy this silence 'cos it gets quite noisy at times.

Damn the phone just rang. Which fool would call during lunch – a desperate one I guess.

Anyways, so here I am in front of the monitor… still but now with a wooden soup spoon and an Eeyore mug filled with expired instant mushroom soup and expired vege flavored crackers. And it’s pretty darn nice I have to say though I wish the soup didn’t need to be so hot. I hate blowing on the soup.

The day so far has been quite decent. Nothing out of the ordinary. Me pottering about doing my own thing being the office mule again and trying not to answer back to stupid comments made around me. Tomorrow we have 3 events and have been thankfully excluded from the third event of the day which is a dinner event. I finally have an opportunity to spend time with B as it is our 2nd year anniversary. In the morning during breakfast, he enquire as to what time I would be back to work and I said maybe I would not be coming back and he kept prodding me about when I would be back at the office and then suddenly he goes like “I sent flowers to your office for tomorrow”.

At this point, I feel a range of emotions like ‘oh no… there goes the surprise’… ‘happy happy joy joy’… ‘floats like a helium balloon up into the sky’ and ‘damns… I need a present pronto!’.
I don't know what to get B just yet (he is probably reading this so I can't divulge what I want to get him even if I have some ideas) so am just hoping that I stumble upon something or get a stroke of genius and a huge jackpot soon.

So, I am waiting patiently for a bunch of flowers to come at 3pm tomorrow in my office – I am jubilant! This will be the first anniversary I spend with B since last year I was in Ho Chi Minh for work. I am still grinning as I type this btw… hehehehe *snickers grin grin*

heart flowers.
heart B.

Yes a very random post indeed.
But its lunch time, we are allowed to be footloose and fancy free and slighty nutty for an hour… or so I tell myself *smiles*

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Spongy said...

love u

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