Monday, September 27, 2010

A lunchtime post

Its lunchtime and since B is not in the office, I thought I would catch up on some work and have a cup of instant noodles (expired - big surprise there!). So there I was typing up emails and playing operator (I don't get why people bother calling during lunch time),when I decided that I needed some inspiration to get me through this uber long day and promptly began surfing my favourite sites.

And yes, i feel much better ... a big thank you to these bloggers who share so much of their life that at times I feel like packing a suitcase and knocking on their doors and wishing that they would let me live with them for awhile so that I can be a better blogger, a better domestic goddess (I am still no where near that! Egad!!), a better scrapbooker/art crafter and etc. But alas, I can't since I need to sit here in this freezing box of an office replying to stupid emails, speaking to rude people calling during lunch break and trying to calm myself down into some zen-like mode for my 3 events tomorrow.

I shall not moan or grumble too much. So, instead I shall leave you with 3 things I am grateful for today:
1) There was enough toilet roll in the loo this morning
2) There seems to be less ants roaming around my desk today
3) I get to buy new flip flops since Belle bit the right side of my black ones this morning


I can't recall where I got this image (or the 200 or so images I randomly save on my PC - so sorry!), but doesn't this setting just invoke feelings of peace, comfort and security? I can so so so imagine myself lying on this comfy sunlit bed reading a book whilst munching on some chocolate chip macadamia cookies from Famous Amos (my all time favourite cookie).

Anywhos, I best get back to work. It's nice blogging during lunch. Perhaps I shall do th is more often... or not... *snickers* Hope all of you have an awesome week ahead. Its only 4 1/2 days till the weekend after all.

P.S: Pray that my events go well tomorrow, k?

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