Thursday, October 07, 2010

I said YES!

A boy.
A girl.
A string quartet in Pavillion.
"Can you feel the love tonight" was playing.
We spoke.
He said that he thought couples should always do new things to keep the romance alive... But with me, the normal and everyday stuff was good.
She wonders why he is so emo.
Another song played... A chinese one.
She hugs him.
They sway together.
He pulls out a red velvet box.
There lies one diamond ring, glittering.
By the escalator, by the pillar, in Pavillion, he goes on one knee.
He asks for her hand.
She's so happy.
She weeps.
She smiles. Grins. Snickers. Giggles.
She melts into a puddle of happiness.
She says 'faster. Put it on la.'
It means YES.
She accepts.

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