Thursday, October 21, 2010

A ranty Thursday morning

Around this time last week, I was in Bali…
In a gorgeous villa (which unfortunately had puddles here and there due to crazy Bali weather)…
Curled up in my four poster dream bed with gauzy curtains and all…
Waiting for the cook to finish cooking my cheese, mushroom and ham omelet, sausages, strips of fried bacon, a lone grilled mushroom and something fried (I have no clue what it was) for my big breakfast. The food would be served with thick black Bali coffee (I will proceed to add 1 and a ½ sugars and some milk) and orange juice --- sweetness!!!
This would be followed by a lazy bath under the rainforest shower in the confines of the open concept bathroom (which was the size of my living room and dining room).
I would later don my swimming suit and shorts and pack my “essentials” in a happy pink cartoony bag to chill out at the beach near Kudeta.

Today, I am at the office, drinking 3-in-1 coffee that my mum gave me some time back (hope its not expired), some slices of raisin and almond bread and a sausage – a far cry from the scrumptiousness of last weeks awesome possum breakfast.
I am in my uninspiring corporate office attire (though some people think it too casual to be deemed corporate office attire) instead of swimmers and shorts.
There is no unpleasant stickiness of sunscreen.
Just a rather odd slightly dry feeling of the air-conditioning blowing stale air and germs from probably years ago (the ventilation here sucks big time!).
Several emails have come in needing my ‘immediate attention’.
I have a list of “things that DW has to do” which I have not tackled as of yet.
Bleh! Bleh! Bleh! Is all I can say to that.

The only constant are my flip flops which I wear to work and wear to the beach.
The beach folks ignore my very off white slightly brownish blackish over used very comfy flip flops
But the office folks turn up their noses and grimace with a snide remark or two about the condition of said flip flops and the inappropriateness of wearing flipflops to photocopy documents in the office.

It would be awesome if I was allowed to tell them to sod off.
But this is my ricebowl so I shut up and drag my flipflopped feet back to my seat.
I hate being back to this stinky stale office with stale air and germs from probably years ago.

It would be awesome if I could be:
1)   At the beach getting a massage
2)   Being with my family and Belly
3)   Hanging out with my friends
4)   Cuddling with B on my dream bed
5)   Grocery shopping
6)   Basically quite a number of places then here

Sorry this is a ranty post for a Thurdsay morning - I would expect this for a Monday morning really.
But I am consoled by the fact that its only 2 days till the weekend and next week I go to Penang for work for 3 days!

Anyways, happy Thursday.
Am hoping to get my photos of Bali and more posts up soon.

P.S: October has been a whole hodgepodge of emotions. Ranging from happiness, to sadness, to worry, to joy, to euphoric, to disbelief, to excitement, to anger, to fear, to hope – will write more about this when I can. XOXO

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