Friday, October 22, 2010

I signed up!!!

I finally signed up for the BIG mini workshop by Elise Blaha!!!
It’s the first online workshop that I will be joining and the first workshop ever actually! I am excited!!! (thanks B for helping to do the payments for me – XOXO)

The BIG mini workshop is an online class which will cover :

+ photography for mini books
+ paper selection for mini books
+ telling short stories with words & images
+ various binding techniques
+ strategies for ongoing mini books and travel albums
+ strategies for completing mini books in one sitting
+ messy & tactile books
+ clean & simple books
+ my book building process from start to finish
+ and more.

The class is two weeks long and will run from November 1 - 12, 2010 on a private blog. The class site will remain open throughout the month of November and PDFs of all lectures will be available to students at the end of the workshop. The class is primarily lecture based with oodles of visuals and never before seen samples.


I don’t know how the class will pan out or if I can follow the classes (since the internet has mood swings every now and then and work is somewhat a pain) but I am going to try my best to follow and learn as much as I can from Elise.

I am super excited – did you know?
I can’t wait for November!

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