Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just human

It's almost Monday.
I have the flues.

I hate the flues.
I have been going through the Bali photos 
and thinking how quickly time passes by.
It's been a week since I got back from Bali.
All the anticipation, planning, packing... 
and it seems like I never went at times - odd huh?

I went book shopping today at Amcorp mall.
The flea market was interesting as it always is.
My flues got worse.
I was glad to be home watching 'The Vampire Diaries' with B.
I have no inspiration today to do anything.
I had grand plans to write an article of sorts today
or a poem, or start sifting through things for 'The Hoarder's Den'...
but no... no inspiration today.

Dinner was simple.
The night was boring.
I played Bejewelled and bristled with joy 
every time the automated voice said
"good", 'excellent', "awesome".
So much praise in a minute
though I take whatever I can get 
even if its a nameless, faceless, machine speaking to me.
I am not fussed about it, 
Some is better than none,
and all that jazz.

And then I remembered stuff.
People, faces, words, events...
and I wondered "how does one really get over things?"
Is there a formula for putting things in the past,
for forgetting, for getting over, for stopping the envy,
 the annoyance that creeps up to you when you least expect it?
Maybe there is something that you can from a can.
Or a drink in a tin...
maybe a there is a way to purge it all out by sniffing something...
I don't know
though what I know is that it sucks
to not be able to get over things when really,
things, people, places, the world, time and every other thing
has moved on.

But I find that though I walk three steps ahead,
I sometimes pull myself five steps back.
Not very bright I know...
but I am human.
Just a fragile soul
with feelings, with memories and a fluttering heart.


purplebell said...

Time will heal. Remember to love yourself! Hugsss.

purplebell said...

Time will heal and God will guide you along the way. Remember to love yourself! Hugsss.

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