Sunday, October 24, 2010

too short

Today is too short... acheli, most days feel too short!

Bless my folks for letting me sleep in this morning though my dreams were plagued with sadness.
I woke up and slept and woke up and slept but the dreams continued on... a series of sorts it seems.
My left shoulder hurts a little from sleeping in odd positions.
I finally dragged my behind out of bed and went to play with Belle and shower the poor stinky poo.

Lunch was slow and languid.
Chicken and 'siew yoke' in a white styrofoam container.
I curled up in bed and had my desert, a book, with a full belly (a very bad habit!)

I later went for a relaxing though slightly painful massage and had some alone time to think while lying on a hot hot stone floor (part of their therapy thingy for oxidization or something or rather which I forgot about!). Sweat puddled everywhere. 
Another reading session ensued after the massage.

Then I had a chit chat session with my mum and Ruby and then B came over and we all went for dinner at 88 restaurant - the 6 of us, a happy family *smiles*
B and I later settled ourselves in cosy armchairs in Starbucks to read (me) / surf the net (B), and when our friends arrived, we proceeded to play Monopoly Deal over ice blended frappacinos and tea.

So, here I am.
I finished editing some photos of Bali... another 1000 more to go or so... 
Stalked enough people on Facebook.
Daydreamed some......

I should be asleep.
I have church tomorrow morning at 8am which leaves me like 4 hours of sleep.
I think I will finish my book...
or not...
lets see how it goes.
Today passed by too quickly.
The days are getting too short.

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