Monday, October 11, 2010

Long awaited

I have a long list of things that I want.

From gadgets, to the "ideal" weight, to the house of my dreams, to the well stocked bank account, to the job of my dreams, to the dream trip around the world and to the happiest place on earth and a whole host of other things.

Well, I may not have checked all the boxes or even half of the boxes on this list (it is a pretty long list) but I think I am doing pretty okay.

Recently, I can check receiving flowers, having a surprise party, getting engaged, having a romantic proposal and soon, visiting Bali *woot woot*

The past few days have seen me walking around as if I was in a dream... a very nice happy dream *smiles* 

I can't quite describe this feeling though it involves heaps of grinning, shrugging, silly smiles, talking to myself, floating on cloud 99, stealing glances at my left hand and giggling to myself.

I should be on my way to continue packing for my long awaited trip to Bali. Belly is sleeping soundly in her cage all splayed out like a carpet. I hope to get some awesome photos in Bali.
So, here's to my 'engagement honeymoon'  which will be safe, happy and memorably good. See you all soon and God bless.



Josephine said...

i've been reading your blog and i love it! your writing is beautiful! i hope you have fun on vacation!

*Dream Weaver* said...

Dear Josephine,
To say that I was not enthusiastic to receive such an encouraging comment would be a lie.

I have been grinning since I read you comment *grin grin* Thanks for reading and for thinking my writing is beautiful. Bali was awesome.

Watch this space for more pics of the trip and my ramblings :)
Have an awesome week ahead.

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