Thursday, January 06, 2011

Super Stylin' #1: Wrapping, Winter Treats and NY

Was going through Birthday Girl's blog {another one of the 'happy places' that I clicked/stumbled upon and which I have been visitng when I need shots of inspiration during working hours.

Here are some of the really beautiful pictures that Birthday Girl has blogged about and worked on. Enjoy these pretty things and inspiring ideas {I sure they will get your creative juices going}.

Note to self: Must learn how to do fun styling projects like this for up-coming parties

Seen @ Birthday Girl's Blog in collaboration with Cake Walk Baking

True that this second selection {Holiday Gift Wrap & Winter Treats} of photos is still very Christmas themed still, but I feel that inspiration is inspiration regardless of season or occasion. I love the colours, I love the choice of materials used, down to the simple way of wrapping the photo of the gifts above {my gifts to my friends were wrapped in all time cheapo wrapping paper since we are on an austerity drive and need to save and can't splurge on the fancies just yet - I should have made the effort to wrap the presents up better}. The photos of the winter goodies are also so very tempting. Must aspire to do something like this in 2011.

Note to self: Must seriously start baking and being on the road to Domestic Goddess bliss

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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