Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Uber GRAND Changes

As I was going through Kal’s blog, Love Life, one of her posts posed this question to her readers: How 2011 will be changing for you. Baby-step change? GRAND change?
I left a shortish comment on her blog {was hoping to win a place at one of her online classes which sounds fab but which I don’t have extra $ for} and I did some thinking during my DW alone time over the weekend about the coming year and really, there will be Uber GRAND changes, opportunities and things I want to and will embrace in 2011!

Now as I sip on my last instant coffee drink from Vietnam {Vietnam coffee rocks my socks} at this late early hour, I will endeavor to jot down some of the events/activities {some of which you will have heard me mention before in my blog} that will take place next year that will surely change my life {part of me is super happy, the other heaps petrified!}.

A lifelong commitment
Perhaps the biggest grandest change not only for 2011, but really my entire life {how GRAND is that right?}, would be preparing to pledge my lifelong commitment and love to my fiancée B. 2011 will see us attending the marriage preparatory course with the church {when I finally get the forms and see the priest that is – Please God, make this happen soon!} and then proceeding to do our ROM (Registration of Marriage). In essence, come October 6, 2011 {our targeted date}, we will be legally married! *woot woot* It is such a big step but it is an super duper uber awesome one. We are also planning to do various pre-wedding photos shoots so that will hopefully take place in July or August.

Our Love Nest
I have lived in my home, in the same neighborhood for 27 years {a year was spent in Temora Australia on a student exchange programme} and this year will be the year I make my home someplace new. As I type, there is on-going minor renovations done on our new condo unit {a 15 minutes or so drive from my current home} and although B and I are not rushing to move in, we are taking steps into thinking about colour schemes, furniture, fixtures and the odds and ends to fill our new home. It’s a daunting task as there are so many opinions and so many ideas to consider and toy around with {I welcome any new ideas whole heartedly}!

I need to prepare myself for eventually moving out of my home and yet again some part of me is dreading this and another part is embracing it with open arms… this new freedom… this new rite of passage. Yet I can’t imagine not seeing my folks every morning. Having breakfast laid out in plastic bags {yes, I get that even till today, lucky me!}, having chats, sharing meals and watching telly with my family and playing with Belly {I will miss this little bundle of fur so much  it hurts to even think about it}.

BUT then I think of our new little love nest. Our own space. Our own home to build our own family. A place where we buy things that we love, that we have selected. There will be a walk in wardrobe, bookshelves to store my lovely books, shelves to display my Eeyore collection and our Elvis, Little Pony and Barbie toys and even a little nook which will hopefully be a place for my arts and crafts supplies. We will have friends over and host parties and play poker and Monopoly Deal or have  nights in watching DVDs on our couch or snuggling up in bed with our books and magazines or just listening to music and editing photos in our soon to be study {Btw, I am grinning as I write this}!

She writes and designs
Besides writing down my thoughts and including bits of inspiration  on Little Pieces of Heaven {I can’t believe I have been writing in this space since 22 May 2004}, I have been toying with the idea of picking up my freelance writing again and brushing up my graphic design skills {I have basically suck at this class and it was the only class in college that I got a C for} and because I felt I needed to do something instead of just talk about it, I pitched my writing services to a bridal and an interior design publication and tada, I am a freelance writer again.

The projects may or may not be consistent, but I am hoping there is a steady stream of work for me to compliment my already existing day job. Hopefully, once I pick up on my graphic design skills, I can pitch for more jobs that require me to do the artwork as well. I am excited and recall my younger day wandering around town doing my freelance reviews and articles.

If you are wondering why I am doing this, well, I need the extra $. After all, getting married and moving into a new home is not cheap especially in our city. Besides that, working in a corporate environment doesn’t quite allow you much creative freedom, so this will be another way to express myself. *woot woot* Here’s to more freelance work to come!

She will create
Since 2004 when I chanced upon my first issue of Better Homes and Garden’s Scrapbook Etc.’s publication, I have been enthralled by the world of arts and crafts and DIY. Before 2004, I had already started making bookmarks and cards and such but with very ‘simple’ tools and materials. The scrapbooking shops that I found in Singapore and in Kuala Lumpur offered me so many varied supplies I was lost and amazed at everything and I wanted everything! But with the exchange rate being really high, I was never able to get very many things. So I saved to buy my precious patterned paper and stickers and ribbon and all the pretty things I saw in stores.

School was mad and part time jobs kept me busy and my social life at that time was wayyy more happening that it was. So, I was constantly busy or had other things to rush out at the last minute like my assignments. I guess my time management for my personal life kinda sucks {till today}, so I never really got down to doing a scrapbook album. I made a few scrapbook pages, a couple of bookmarks and cards and that was that.

I still wish I had carved out more time when I was younger to do them arts and crafts stuff as it is even harder now with a full time job that is quite demanding at times, a fiancée that I love spending time with, new books and movies I just “have to read/watch”, poker and Monopoly Deal to play, my beagle Belle to dote on and my parents to spend time with. It’s even more challenging to find time to do my arts and crafts but I think that this year, I will make it a point to stop making excuses and just take some time out to clear up a space for my arts and crafts and just {in the famous words of NIKE}, just do it!

This year you will hopefully  see creative things coming from me rather than me ranting about it all the time. Yes, I get tired of listening to myself at times too you know!

Entrepreneurial Me
With the impending move and my hobby of hoarding and collecting, I have decided to start selling some of my pre-loved items as well as some pretty things which I have sourced ages ago with the intent of starting an online store of sorts. Back in high school, I also made bookmarks to sell with Suzy Zoo stickers and I have often toyed with the idea of actually making cards, bookmarks and the like to sell. It's not like a business business {or not yet anyways} but it will bring in some extra $ and also allow me to use up my supplies {so I can make way for new ones} and to also start designing and being creative.

Corporate DW
I get the feeling that God is not quite done with me at my current job. I have been in the same place for about 3 years and a quarter and I still think that there are things for me to learn here. My boss offered me a new scope of work the other day which will allow me to save the world! Ok. I wanted to sound dramatic but it does have to do with saving the world, just not that big a scale {for the moment!}. 

I still go to work with a smile on my face and I don't dread work. I think God has already carved out a path for me in terms of my career and I am placing my trust on Him still for He has really sustained me and walked with me each and every day of my career and life and I give Him thanks and glory for all that He has done.  

It would be a lie to say that I will achieve all the things I have set out to do for 2011. There are some non-negotiables but regardless, I will be trying my utmost best to do all that I have set out to do and if I don't get around to doing everything, it's still okay. I am not going to be forcing myself but I will try to stop this procrastinating habit of mine which is just terrible at times *tsk tsk tsk* 

I look forward to these gargantuan changes and opportunities and at the same time, I will delve and indulge myself in my stacks of yummy books and movies, spend time with my  family, friends and the mischievous, gorgeous Belle {the beagle} who will no doubt keep me on my toes every day *smiles* and of course spending as much time as possible with B, finally watch 'Lion King' the musical and go to the Philippines for my brothers wedding. I can't wait. Like I said before, 2011 is going to be awesome possum!!!

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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