Monday, January 31, 2011

last weekend - Jan 2011

The Chinese New Year celebrations this year is almost upon us {it starts on the 3rd of February and lasts for 15 days} and both B and I are already on our break. The first 2 days of my holidays thus far {also the last weekend of January 2011} however has been awesome. Here's what I did...

Church meeting for CHOICE
The CHOICE weekend {CHOICE is a self enrichment experience. It is a weekend getaway from the busy lifestyle. It’s about making choices, looking into every aspect of our relationship with the significant people in our lives. Our weekend experience gives young single adults the opportunity to meet like-minded people, and be able to look at the various relationships in our lives} was a 3 day 2 night retreat that I attended last year and this year, they have asked for me to serve in their ministry.

Many years ago {about 7 or so years}, I was rather active in my cell group but that involvement didn't last for long due to my not agreeing with some of the things that were told to me. After leaving the cell group, I basically stopped serving in church. I gave myself all kinds of excuses and I procrastinated to find another cell group or to get involved with church activities although I yearned for something more.

So, when CHOICE came knocking on my door asking me to serve {the Priest calling no less}, I at first was reluctant. After all, this year is the last year of my single hood and the year that will have so many things happen all at once {read Uber Grand Changes}.Yet something in me would not let me rest and though I am not quite happy with the role I have been given {secretarial coordinator}, I feel that God has His own reasons why He is placing me in this role. It is difficult to explain this calling. It is a feeling of knowing that this is the right thing to do and accepting His call to be a servant leader.

There have been many times when I have been placed in positions that I was not quite fond of being in, but He has shown me how His ways are really not my ways and how He has taught me lessons and provided with so many blessings when I listen to Him and walk in the ways He has directed me in. 

During one of the breaks yesterday during the CHOICE meeting, I chatted with Jen, a girl who was sitting next to me. We talked about what we did and she asked which ministries I served in and I told her that I was not from any ministry and that I used to be in a cell group. To make a long story short, she was the new leader of the cell group that I had once attended and she asked me if I would like to join them again. At that time, it really was a 'in your face' moment of sorts with God telling me directly... "Look child, I have delivered her right to your side, you just need to say yes" and I did. I said yes. So soon, I will belong in a cell group again and I am glad {it is truly amazing to speak and share the Word of God}. 

Lunch with Gerard
After CHOICE, I had lunch with Gerard - our first lunch alone in ages. It was a departure from the talks we used to have about relationships and gossip {ok... so we did touch on that a little}. Instead, we talked about life, about the changes, about family. It was a good conversation. It was good catching up with an old friend who at a glance had not changed but who did. We both grew up and walked down different paths and yet and though we certainly have changes in viewpoints and experiences, we are still the same at the core of us.

It was good affirming each other. I feel that for the most part of our lives, we learn to criticize and pick faults with others, seeing only the bad and the seemingly wrong in them when in fact, it would be more valuable on both sides if we took the time to talk through things, encourage and look for the good in others. Being sinful and imperfect people, it is always the easier route to condemn and to put ourselves on a higher pedestal than others though in actual fact, we are really no better.

I am going to make it a point to be less of a grumblet and more of someone who comforts and motivates and who builds people up instead of tearing them down. Although it will be hard, I believe that once we have set our minds and hearts on something, it will be easier and really, trying is so much better than not trying.

Hanging Out with the Boys
I used to hangout with the boys a a lot when I was younger. I don't quite remember what we did but we spent hours together. These two days however, we have hung out at 1 Utama trying to get CNY clothes, Salims {just talking and stuff}, playing poker {I heart poker!}, sharing meals and etc. G also gave me a Coach purse {my first ever Coach} and I can't wait to use it. Never realized how much I missed these simple times of sharing, talking and laughing together... Fun times indeed!

On Saturday, we also took an impromptu trip to Genting Highlands to just enjoy the cool air while sipping on hot double chocolate lattes. As always, a trip to Genting is never really complete without stopping at the Bakery {a bakery (duh!) that serves uber delicious sandwiches and cakes. 

Some of the restaurants that we ate at this weekend would be Nandos and Belly Good. Nandos was good as always and I would say that our first time at Belly Good was pretty decent too although it would have been better if they had put more ingredients into their dishes. Am craving for some baby back ribs now and some cinnamon apples with vanilla ice cream *yum yum* 

It was indeed a very full and satisfying weekend though I wish I had spent more time with my folks and Belly. How was your weekend? 

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