Friday, January 21, 2011

For AS and AZ

Before the clock strikes 12. 
I would like to wish the both of you Happy Birthday! 

Dear AS, 
You have served God so diligently for so many years and are caring for your parents who are ill. You are indeed a good son. 

Once upon a time, you looked after me and made me come out of my shell. You befriended me and invited me for cool parties and for that I thank you. Church was a better place because you were there. I pass by the 'railing' every now and then when I go to Saint Francis Xavier and I remember those days of BASS and how things used to be and I smile. 

I thank you also for your kind words to me. It would have been great if we had kept in closer touch with each other but regardless, I am glad for our short conversation today and I pray for you and for your family. I am blessed to have you as a friend. 

AS January 21 at 11:29pm 
u have come a long way and u have done well. I am sure u will be a good wife and good mother..after all ur parents are such nice role embrace life and enjoy the next chapter of your life's journey..remember u r not alone..God is with u..

Dear AZ,
We would have laughed at you being 30! After all, we were just in high school and thought 30 to be really old. I think of your fondly still after almost 13 years ago of you leaving. I sometimes still can't believe you are gone. It seems like yesterday that you would walk me home and we would detour to the park to talk after school, how you would visit me and talk to me during my prefectorial duties to make things more bearable and most of all I remember your smile. 

I have forgotten so many things about you though... I have forgotten how your voice sounded and where your scar was. I have forgotten your phone number, your favourite colour and what your favourite subject was. I have forgotten your favourite song, your favourite movie and all these details that made up you. But I guess with time we forget the details and only remember the feelings.

I remember feeling ten feet tall when you smiled at me, after all it is not often that the cutest guy in school smiles at a geek. I remember you choosing me out of all the others {score for the geeks!}. I remember pounding hearts, silly grins and happiness. Sure there were sad bits but I am not dwelling on them anymore. I thank you for all these memories that you gave me AZ. You shared a part of my high school years and you will always be remembered. Thought at times I wish you didn't have to leave so soon... I wish no one needed to leave in fact.

I would have liked to introduce you to B and Belle, to have hung out with you for a bit to catch up about things and reminiscence about days gone by... It's a pity that I didn't get to say goodbye, nor will I be able to see you anytime soon but I am heartened that one day we will meet again. So, I will just say to the wind "Happy Birthday" and hope you hear me. You were remembered and you will always be missed.

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