Thursday, January 13, 2011

an un-crappy day

I thought the day would be slightly on the crappy side since I woke up with a bad cold, itching allergies and needed to do a voice recording for my organisations answering machine {yes, I am that annoying voice that tells you to press '1' for blablabla, press '2' for blablabla...}. I arrived early only to find that our vendor would be late by about 40 minutes. So I entertained myself with a game on my ipod and just tried to think them happy thoughts.

And I am pleasantly surprised to say that the happy thoughts are working and that day is turning out pretty darn good. Firstly, my cold and itching stopped soon after I took my meds {thank God} and the recording went well {though I personally thought I sounded a bit froggish}. While waiting for a cab to take me back to the office, I met A {who is the current hottie in the building} who offered me a lift in his VW golf. It goes without saying that I took him up on the offer and it was a pleasant unawkward ride back to work.

At the office, B managed to help get this article that I needed for work which resulted in my boss being uber happy {it did help that other aspects of her work went well too!} which resulted in a better working atmosphere here in the office. One of my colleagues also informed me that someone wanted my address as they wanted to send me thank you chocolates. I am a little skeptical about this since 1) I don’t know who it is 2) I am vary of strangers wanting to send me chocolates 3) It baffles me as to why I deserve said chocolates. I guess all will be revealed tomorrow then the chocolates are expected to arrive. My inbox was surprisingly empty of work related issues though I did get two lovely emails commissioning me to write for an interior design magazine and a bridal publication which are both new passions of mine *woot woot*
I just got back from lunch and am stuffed even if I ate lesser rice {must be the rendang chicken and egg}. The day stretches out before me but I am optimistic that it will be a good day. My boss is going to brief me on my new role {I am hoping that this will allow me to save the world} and we need to work out some other things for my mini event tomorrow on corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

I also can’t wait to go home to play with Belle. It kinda hurts to lock her in her cage and leave her alone till evening comes. She has taken to once again running propelling towards me at full speed with a toy/bone in her mouth and curling in my lap to chew said item. I miss those days when she could fit comfortable on my lap… these days she sorta spills out a little. Nevertheless, she is a gem. My lovely Belle. 

Here’s to an awesome possum day for all of you today!
I hope its an un-crappy day for all of you too *smiles smiles* 

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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