Sunday, January 23, 2011

eternally grateful

This is just a short post to praise and thank God for taking care of B today while he was in a motorcycle accident. The accident was a minor one {thank God} but it could have been so so much worse. I am so mad at the person that drove away when he was in the wrong and when he saw B fall. How inhuman can you be to just drive away knowing that someone fell and could be hurt? Yet, there is no place for hatred in me. It takes too much time and effort to hate. 

Instead, I am so thankful that God has taken care of and protected B not just this once but the other two times he has fallen too. I thank God for the the McD's delivery guy that was there to witness everything that happened and who helped B. I thank B's motorcycle friends who came to his aid and who helped him. I thank Gary, B's brother for coming to help him too in SS2. 

I thank God for all these good kind people that has helped B and I pray that God will bless them. I also pray for B  and all his future journeys, that God will be with him and watch over him every step of the way. 

Thank you God and Saint Christopher for returning B to me safe and sound {with just a few scratches and bruises}. I am eternally grateful. 

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Spongy said...

thanks for your prayers and love and taking care of me and coming to see me so quickly! love u

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