Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Rearview Mirror Reflections

I’ve always thought that you can see the hand of God best in the rearview mirror. Looking back, it’s easier to understand why He placed us in the home that He did; why He brought certain people and circumstances into and out of our lives; why He permitted difficulties and pain; why He took us to different places and put us in various jobs and careers.

In my own life, I get a lot of clarity (though not perfect clarity—that’s heaven’s joy!) about the wise and loving ways of God as I reflect on the ways He has managed my journey by “the works of [His] hands” (Ps. 92:4). With the psalmist, it makes me glad and strikes a note of joy in my heart to see how often God has assisted, directed, and managed the outcomes so faithfully (Ps. 111).

Looking ahead, though, is not always so clear. Have you ever had that lost feeling when the road ahead seems twisted, foggy, and scary? Before you move into next year, stop and look in the rearview mirror of the year gone by, and joyfully realize that God meant it when He said, “‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ So we may boldly say: ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear’ ” (Heb. 13:5-6).

With the promise of God’s presence and help in mind, you can move ahead into 2011 with utmost confidence.

Written by Joe Stowell


I believe Joe {in his writing above for Our Daily Bread} accurately captured what most of us feel or have felt at some point in our lives. I for one can honestly relate to this. And it is so true that when I look back in my life, I see glimpses of the plans that God has outlined for me. Some things are still hazy but then I am comforted by knowing that He is always with me and that He will not forsake me.

The year has been good so far. For the holidays, I had family time and friend time. I played poker, Pictureka, Go Fish and Monopoly Deal, watched fireworks at a park and did the whole countdown, watched "The Tourist", surfed the interweb, caught up with old friends and family, visited Starbucks several times, paid a visit to Coliseum (an old iconic restaurant in KL), had a crab and Vietnamese dinner with my family and had fun just doing my own things. The only downside to all this joy was the lack of a certain someone special, B who was in Kedah. This year, he did not celebrate the ushering in of 2011 with me. I did enjoy myself when he was away, but things never felt complete. I am so glad that he is back.

Overall, I think that the start of 2011 is great. My "Princess Project" is underway. Am starting a new daily beauty regime which consists of the standard cleanse, tone and moisturise which I did every blue moon in years past. Am hoping to do this almost every other day. I am also on the quest to moisturise my skin as often as possible and hope that I will be able to go through at least half of the body creams/lotions I received for Christmas and have at home.

I also hope to take more photos since we just purchased a new camera. B has already taken some fab shots from his trip to Kedah {will share them with you once its ready}. I also have been offered a new job but I will decline that as my company just offered me a new role in the organisation - more updates once I get things more firmed up though do pray that all things work out well for me. The BIP went well and am glad that I got the amount that I got though I am still a tinsy bit unsatisfied with certain things... *snickers* {Must remember to keep counting my blessings and be thankful in all things}

So how has your New Year been?

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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