Monday, December 20, 2010

Zuma Blitz

I played the normal Zuma game tirelessly until I finished the game and then I had to stop cos my eyes was going wonky and I was just tired of chaining myself to the computer each day shooting and matching coloured balls which came out from a frog (I know I sound demented but there really is such a game. Clickety here)

Anyways, Facebook launched Zuma Blitz which is a one minute game of the Zuma I know and love and its got me hooked like before. I have had several late nights where I have been chained to the laptop trying to beat my own high score which is the highest amongst my other FB mates *woot woot* (damn proud!)

Just in case there is a lull in the posts, its because I am Zuma-ing... ok... It's also a busy month with parties, shopping, organising my folders and of course the daily work stuff though I have several days of leave to clear till the end of the year *sweet* see you soon. Zuma beckons!

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