Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Christmas gifts

Hey all. So how is the prep for New Year? Anyone done their New Year's Resolutions for 2011 yet? As for me, I am finally on break till the end of the year and our prime minister just announced that there is a public holiday on the 31st, so hopefully I will get an additional day of leave in 2011 *smiles* - Awesomeness!

I plan to do some spring cleaning tomorrow and the day after and hopefully get some reading done as well. New Year's is going to be quieter and a little lower key this year since B will not be sharing New Year's Eve and Day with me *sniff sniff*. He will be going to Jitra in Kedah near the rice padi for his cousin's wedding thingy. A part of me wants to go but then the thought of going to somewhere deserted is not too appealing. It would help if this relatives were a nice fun bunch to be with (like my relatives) but they are not - so all the more reason for me not to go. Thank God he is okay with the idea of me not going with him. 

So, this year I will be with my family and friends. Most probably it will be a poker and card game night (must remember to blog about these new Hasbro card games which are uber awesome!) which I am looking forward to. Alternatively, a nice night in writing or reading or watching some series is alright with me too.

Anyways, I finally got my Christmas pressies posted up. I did receive some lovely hand cream from L'Occitane from Jilly Bean and a LOTR letter opener in the shape of a sword from Zee and some other small pressies too! A pity that I did not take any photos of the items. Anyways, here are some photos of the pressies I got and my lovely Thomas Sabo charm bracelet! Thank you all for the lovely presents *smiles*







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