Tuesday, December 14, 2010

701st Post

This is my 701st post since starting Pieces of Heaven. Through the years, my blog has remained a constant through the emotional ups and downs in my life, college, university, part time jobs, full time jobs, exes, breakups, dramas, non-dramas and everything else in between. I have also changed the look of my blog though I still think the design more or less represents me.

I wish that I had written more in my earlier years and just recently, have I realised the joy in blogging again and in blog surfing as well.  There is such a wealth of inspiration and information with just a click of a mouse. So to celebrate this awesomeness of my 701st post, let me invite you to a virtual ice-cream buffet to celebrate (those of you who want the real deal, it would be my pleasure to join you for an ice cream sundae or two).

Enjoy your virutal sundae!!!
I sure did and the best part is its calorie and fat free *woot woot*

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