Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Sometimes I feel that the world is spinning around me so very quickly.
I pause to catch my breath and to stop my pounding and sometimes
fragile, aching heart and I hope that just this once,
the world would be waiting for me for I have been good.
 But the world continues to move and turn 
without a backward glance at me... without a care.

And I find myself hurrying to play catch-up with the world, 
with the people around me. 
run walk in circles briskly, 
chasing something...
something that I can't quite identify, 
something that eludes me,
something I can't quite understand.

And because there is nothing much I can do
after having tried my best...
and because I am rather tired of this 
chasing and running after the wind thing,
I decide to sit calmly for a little while
to watch the world go spinning by.

And what an awesome view it is.
I think I will sit here for a little while longer. Join me?

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