Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Fingers & Toes

A new nail parlour type thingy opened near my office called Beauty Chemistry and since I had a voucher for a manicure + pedicure for RM45, I thought of giving myself a treat by getting my fingers and toes all dolled up and glittery. So after a quick chicken rice lunch with B, I went to the nail parlour. Since it was a promotional thingy, I could not get the colour that I wanted which was some form of red to fit into the whole Christmas theme, plus I love having red fingers and toes *smiles* 

BUT since I did not have that option, I was provided with about 16 colours or so to choose from the majority of which were pinks. Pale pinks, glittery pale pinks, glittery pink pinks, non glittery pink, hot pink, pinky pink pink and so forth. There was also some golds, some silver glitter type things and blablabla colours. So in the end, I decided on the following to deck my toes and fingers ~ falalalalala!

Meet me at the star ferry by OPI
a deep plum-ish colour which looked good on my toes
but which was not applied real great.

 Glitzerland by OPI
a light gold glittery concoction which didn't quite
stand out on my fingers but which looked elegant up close.
This was also not applied well.

So all in all, I guess I am happy with the merry fingers and toes but I felt that it was quite a rushed job which was not really well done. Atleast I can wave my manicured, formerly slightly crappy fingers around later or wriggle my pretty plum toes in front of Belle later. I hope she will not be afraid or bark at tham *huhuhuhu* I don't think I will go to Beauty Chemistry again though if there is an umergency need to have my fingers and toes done, then I will probably go there since it is just next door.

I reckon the best part of all these besides having merry fingers and toes is the name of my nail polish Meet me at the star ferry... 
How awesome is that??

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