Thursday, November 10, 2005

Zouk Abuse!!!

I got an email this morning and a link to this site. You guys should read it...
Some of you might wonder... is it real? Or perhaps its just some fabricated story to get back at a Zouk for some petty reason. I can't verify the autenticity of this though the story came out in the malay mail... but I believe that things like that do happen and it is our responsiblity to help others for the next time it could very well be us.
I sent the link to some friends on MSN and some guy (name witheld) had the nerve to tell me that they deserved it "who asked him to go drinking when he is sick". To that comment I say "FARK YOU"... dont' tell me that eventhough you were sick you have never done anything or gone out with your friends before??? He is no longer on my list. Insensitive piece of shit. Idiot!!!
Perhaps this entry would not have made a difference in you lives, maybe you will just shrug it off and say "not my business" or maybe its a media stunt by Zouk's competitors as someone pointed out... who knows??? But maybe, just maybe it will change you and make you step up to do something... I don't know. I dont' think I will be going to Zouk for some time to come.
I just want to leave you with this thought,
If you were in trouble... would you not want someone to help you?


s4ints said...

hey i read.. tragic indeed..
better becareful..

zouk.abuse said...

Thanks for blogging this.

Make sure the word is spread, this has really been very difficult for us to face. One issue is the physical pain. The real deal though is the emotional and psychological trauma.

I cannot understand why this happened to us. All I can say is I hope things progress and that we are in a position to do something to change the situation with regards to dangerous security personnel. Management has to be accountable for the actions of their employees... bashing people up and then wiping your hands clean is just not the way to treat people. It's horrid and insulting.

I hope things move to the point in which this kind of story becomes fiction in Malaysia. It's ridiculous, we have the tallest buildings in the world around the corner and bouncers are basically behaving like cavemen.

Peace to all.


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